Hello lovelies! So this new post is going to be Christmas related. If you haven't guessed already! Halloween/Bonfire has come and gone now it's time to belt out the M Carey in the car and start gift shopping for knick knacks - this fabulous event that Viking launched really got me in the mood for the festivities to come. I absolutely love receiving & giving hand-made cards and presents, it just gives something that personal touch and you know someone's made the extra effort for you. Need to feel inspired? Check out what I got up to...


When you see Holly Willoughby snap a trendy outfit on Instagram before going in front of the camera's on This Morning, the pieces usually tagged are a range of high-street to luxurious brands. When I saw this skirt crop up on my feed one morning, I instantly fell in love with it and thought, nah, something like that has GOT to be from Reiss or something. Nope, It was from none other than  budget-friendly fashion favourite, H&M....


There's nothing I love more than discovering designer inspired pieces at ultimate high-street prices. One of those such stores that seem to be killing the trend game at the minute is none other than Zara. Just last week I spotted this beautiful navy midi skirt, with a red-ribbed striped band as a striking feature that instantly made me think of luxury label, Tommy Hilfiger....

I absolutely love how the ribbed material actually pinches in my waistline, giving off the optical allusion of a slimmer figure - can't complain about that! It also has a silver front zip fastening, which I personally think just adds that something a little bit extra to what would have been otherwise, a plain navy skirt. 

I wanted to team up the skirt with some coordinating accessories, so I chose this smart city-ready red backpack, also from Zara. It features silver puncture holes and metal flap, making it the perfect partner to wear for those long days at work. For the bargain price tag of just £24.99, you really can't go wrong. 

To finish my 'Tommy Hilfiger' inspired look off, I added some kick-ass black heeled boots from H&M. I truly believe that adding a little bit of extra height makes you feel so much more confident, and ready to take on the day - whatever it throws at you!

What do you think to this Tommy Hilfiger inspired look?
Would you wear any of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


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