What's in my makeup bag???

Hello everyone! I apologize if i haven't been posting quite as frequently, i've been SO busy lately! As a quick update, basically i've got photography/media coursework to finish, university interviews, job interview, etc.. so i've kinda been a little rushed off my feet. But, before Janurary ends I thought i'd get a quick post in:)

Ok, so I thought i'd do the 'what's in my makeup bag' slightly different to everyone elses. I'm going to include what's been in various makeup bags since god knows when! and of course, the makeup I tend to use everyday. 

Firstly, here's kinda all my makeup that i've probably used in the past 3-5 years? haha! excuse the deteriorated labels..

Ok, first off all my eyeliners from old to new! They're mostly Loreal Super Liner which is like a felt tip pen, the other is rimmel i thiiink as it was on offer or something at the time, and last of all.. the most unexpected. I've raved about the NYC products but they're literally so good and cheap! Out of all my years of investigating NYC defintely comes out top, I promise you.

Next, all my foundations! This one's kinda simple. i've always stuck with 'True Match' by L'oreal as i've found them to be really good on my skin and, well, match! As I loved NYC mascara and liner so much I decided to try out the foundation, even though I purchased the lightest one it still looks orangey on my skin. That lets them down! Sort it out! Then, of course, my beloved Naked Skin that I got at Christmas by Urban Decay - Perfection.

Say hello to ALLL my mascara's! hahah! I've probably got loads more stashed away somewhere, but these are all the ones I could be bothered to find from the past 3+years. Ok, starting from the far right:

  • Some crappy mascara I got in a magazine i think? haha EMBARRASING.
  • Max Factor 2000 calorie.. can't really remember much about this one, don't think it was very good.
  • This goldy one was from the Accessorize makeup area in Superdrug from ages ago haha! Think it was really cheap so that's probably why I have it
  • Think the black/red mascara is from Maybelline, it's one of their sideline not-so-popular makes. I remember this one to be good for a week, then ran out instantly! Con.
  • The pink/green mascara tube also from Maybelline is a tricky one. It has mixed reviews, personally I wouldn't purchase it again as there's not a lot in it, although it was an ok mascara for the young teens.
  • Max Factor mascara.. can't remember the name of it sorry! the labels rubbed off!..awkward.. but I know it was pricey, not sure if it still is but I remember that I really liked this, It lengthed my eyelashes immensely.
  • Illegal Length by Maybelline - I didn't like this one, it didn't do much for me and the brush itself was far too bendy and horrible. Not reccomended.
  • The bluey bottle.. called 'Sexy Curves' by Rimmel London. My boyfriend's mum actually gave me this, as she didn't like it. I know how she felt.
  • I used to have an obssesion with L'oreal Paris and this justifies it! The black/gold masara tube called 'Volume Million Lashes' is outstanding, really good mascara but pricey.
  • Next mascara, same one! (Like i said, obssession!)
  • I can't remember the name of the cross hatched bottle, although I know it's by Rimmel. Not very good.
  • The next three orange mascara's are all Scandal Eyes by Rimmel - defintely the best thing to come from them. As you can see, from the amount i bought, it's a good one.
  • Next, is the Rimmel London 'Scandal Eyes Show Off' - I thought it would be quite good judging by the orange one, however the brush and everything else is so rubbish! DO NOT BUY IT.
  • One of my favourite mascara's of all time, NYC's 'Big Bold Mascara' which is absolutely AMAZING and only like £2.99/3.99! BARGAIN.
  • Last but not least, my Mac Falsies mascara that I got at christmas. It's a good mascara don't get me wrong, but you have to use loads of it to actually see a difference:/

Excuse the rubbish lighting! Those products above are what I normally use everyday. There's the Bare Minerals Id square ended brush which is AMAZING. I literally love it, it's so good for my brows.Then there's a comb for my brows that I just got out of a christmas cracker... ahah. The rest are my favs, The Naked 2 Urban Decay palette, the Naked Skin Foundation by Urban Decay (OBSSESSED). Last but not leaaast, NYC eyeliner, NYC Bold Big Mascara, and my Mac Falsies Mascara.

Hope you enjoyed my Makeup post! What do you use? What do you think of the brands I reviewed?


GUEST POST! introducing Anya Sarre..

Ok, so recently i've been contacted by the lovely Anya Sarre so present one of her own posts for all those that come across Trust in Vogue! If you don't know her already, Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trend-setters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. She's also worked as a stylist for the well-known ShoeDazzle, where she worked alongside other celebrity stylists like Kim Kardashian!

No way could i refuse the offer of her guest post! So he's Anya Sarre's take on the New Years' fashion...

Dressing up and Owning it

As we all recover from the holidays and start exercising away those holiday pounds, it is time for every good fashionistas attention to turn from nostalgia to strategy! 2013 has some amazingly promising looks, and if you are someone who loves to express herself through the clothes she wears, this year has some great options open to you. Think about who you are and what kind of image you want to project. This is something that can really reflect the person you are becoming.

Where to Shop?

If you are thinking about really grabbing some eyes this year, it is going to be worth your while to shop both online and at retail locations. A great retail location can open your eyes to fashions that you never considered for yourself, while a great online store gives you some fantastically affordable choices. For example, if you are thinking about shopping online, don’t forget to head to some of the leaders in fashion for everyone, including ShoeDazzle, StyleMint, and Birchbox and Stella & Dot. On the other hand, when you want to shop offline, don’t forget H&M and Forever 21.

Start Crafting!

Whether you are a whiz with your sewing machine or you are someone who is deeply invested in hot glue, there are going to be some fashion crafts that give you precisely the look that you need. For example, if you are someone who adores the idea of fabric painting, why not pick up a silk sheath or a silk camisole and get to work? Using proper fabric paints can make things much more simple for you, and on top of that, you will have a one of a kind garment that will suit you perfectly. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest can help you learn more about what you might want to attempt.


We’re seeing a lot of texture in this year’s clothing. You will discover that the best textures are the ones that look amazingly soft and welcoming. For example, for the winter months, choose outfits that have a bit of faux fur at the ruff and at the cuffs. Layering will also give you the texture that you are after, especially during the tempestuous spring and fall months. Great texture can really add a new dimension to your outfit.

Take the time to plan your look for the coming year. There are a number of options available to you this year, so move forward with courage and exuberance.

For more from Anya Sarre, check her out at:

Many Thanks for the Post Anya! x

Liebster Award!


So, i've seen this on quite a few blogs, you may ask, what is it? The Liebster Award basically boosts someone's blog reputation IF they have under 200 followers - which is a fantastic idea and everyone deserves a chance at it! I've been lucky enough to be nominated by the wonderful Rosalie Jayne - special shout out to you - thank you lovely! x


- Answer 11 random facts about yourself
- Answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you
- Nominate 11 new blogs (of course, with under 200 followers) and make 11 questions for them to answer


woah, ok this is tricky, here we go..!

1. Sounds cliche because mostly everyone on here is in to fashion, but i LOVE it and intend to study it at University this September.

2. My guilty pleasure is to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

3. Snow absolutely irritates me - i'm most definitely a sunshine child!

4. I was born in England, raised in Italy, moved to Holland, Australia then back and forth to Italy and England! (I've now been living in England for 5 years though don't worry, i'm not ALWAYS on the move!)

5. This will sound so cheesy, if you're shy of corniness look away now! random fact number 5? my boyfriend Josh is my best friend, been together nearly a year now and i'm really happy.

6. I'm a self-confessed shopaholic - when I have money in my bank account i literally can't stop buying things!

7. I try and grow my nails, but they either split or i unintentionally bite them - oops.

8. I can't go a day without using any Urban Decay product - it's amazing!

9. My favourite bands are The Wombats and You Me At Six

10. At a You Me At Six gig in Manchester, someone threw like some heavy object at my face, I literally had a bulging wound on my forehead nearly knocking me out. Resulted in waiting at A&E till 4 in the morning - not good! hahahaa

11. My nephew Lorenzo (half italian/half english) was born summer 2012 and he's the best thing that's ever happened to our family.


1. If you could only eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?
ooft tough one! most likely pasta with tinned tomatoes - i'm a massive Italian food fan.
2. What is your favourite city that you've visited or that you'd like to visit?
i'd LOVE to visit New York! My Dream!
3. Favourite Beauty item?
Anything Urban Decay
4.If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
I could say I would like to be rich, however thinking about it - I wouldn't change a thing. You learn from your mistakes, and life isn't supposed to be easy!
5.Coffee or Tea
Neither! haha i'm weird! I just like hot chocolate or cold drinks:p
6. Do you collect anything?
Strangely enough a pile of cosmo magazines have been gathering on my shelf.. does that count?
7. Is there a natural phenomenon in the world you've always wanted to see or go to? (e.g the northern lights or the grand canyon etc.)
I'd really love to go see the Northern Lights! It looks so beautiful!
8. What is your starsign? Do you believe it means anything?
Aquarius:) Yep, I read my horoscope monthly, and weirdly most of the time it turns out true!
9.Favourite Item of clothing?
Jeans. By far, can't go wrong with a pair of jeans.
10.What is something you are passionate about and why?
Fashion for sure. Why? because you can express yourself in so many different ways, no matter what clique you're in, where you come from or who you are.
11. Who inspires you?
Kim Kardashian! So jealous of her prettyness and lifestyle! haha really though, maybe my Mum, because she's just a super duper hero.

That was actually so much fun answering those! Thanks once again Rosalie! You can find her blog here.

Here are my questions!

1. What's your biggest fear?
2. What's your lifetime ambition?
3. Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years time?
4. Chocolate or Sweets?
5. If you had to take an object with you to a deserted island, what would you take?
6. If you had the opportunity to claim lots of money but lose your blog, would you do it?
7. Who inspires you?
8. Do you prefer Summer or Winter?
9. What's one item of clothing you can't live without?
10. Would you rather be famous, or the best friend of someone famous?
11. If you could, would you go the past to see your ancestors, or would you travel to the future?

Thank you to all my followers and every comment I get, you spur me on to keep blogging! The blogs in which is paricuraly admire and are deserving for a nomination are:

Libby Rodgers from www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk

Lauren Hemming from http://lolhem.blogspot.co.uk

I look forward to hearing back from you all!:)

Snow Day!

Hello everyone!  This is just a short little post on the happenings of today, not really fashion/beauty related but hey ho - a little change is good. Well here in the UK it snowed ALOT, and rather heavily throughout the night before - the result? NO SIXTH FORM. I'm not a massive fan of snow, I much rather be laying on a beach soaking in some red hot sun, however, I live in England and the chances are that of happening are, well, very slim. So, today I had the day off,which consisted of eating my weight in junk food, watching rubbish daytime TV - and  my lovely dog Luna playing in the snow.

Hope some of you got an easy day off to! What did your day consist of? 

Spring Preview

Well, it's time to shake off the January blues as we head towards February - full of commercial valentines day rubbish (which i love anyway), rainy days and the fabulous pancake day. Who doesn't a love a little cheese factor and junk food? ;)

What's more, it's one step closer to Spring, which i'm going to talk about in this post. This upcoming spring season is said to inject a little light colour as to evolve from the dull, dark colours of winter/fall, to the build-up of summer. Say bye-bye to the January Blues and hello to..

Denim Blues

Taken from www.boohoo.com they're already showcasing their denim collection for the spring season, including dungarees and faint blue dresses. Yep, just when you think denim can't be done once it's been done so many times the past year with denim flannel shirts and jackets - it's returning.  This time however, it's just sticking to the form of shorts, shirts and pinafores. Yet, they do say that denim is timeless. Spring Summer 13 Lookbook

Springs' rumored to be a good one for fashion. What to expect?

                                - WESTERN BOOTS
               - DENIM
                                - KHAKI
                                                 - LEATHER JACKETS
        - CREAM LACE

these are the major trends to occur, pastels are once again claiming back their fashion title this year with powdery blues and light pinks, teamed with the floral pattern. Which dates back from 2011, with a slight delicate nod to the 70s. From the pastels expect floaty dresses, and cute playsuits to wear when the weather brightens up a bit. However, the khaki colour is also making a comeback from back around the 90-2000s, and no, it's no army camouflage which flocked us all last summer. It's making its mark in jumpers, boots, tired maxi dresses and even discoloured trousers.

The image above is of the 'Spring Preview' new season at River Island, i've also researched other high-street stores such as Topshop and New Look, and they're all showing the same kind of stuff. Especially, with the 'western' cowgirl esque trend which is more towards the footwear side, for a casual everyday look.

Spring Summer 13 Lookbook     <Miss Selfridge Spring Collection

Spring Summer 13 Lookbook

Not forgetting the 'Leather Jacket' trend from last year which is carrying on straight through to this spring. This is quite handy really, as it teams well with a dress and ankle boots which seems to be the key this upcoming season. Last of all? a very 60s-style Monocrome. Full of polka dots, stripes and the odd dogtooth pattern this trend has it all with the shapes. This, is from www.boohoo.com, check it out!

What are your thoughts on the Spring Season looks?

"Whitening The World One Smile at a Time"

Ok, so i've FINALLY just come out of my last exam and I've got some time to actually blog! recently i've come across a USA company called 'Whitening Lightening' which I've heard MANY good reviews about, and i'm actually going to try them out myself once my purse has money in it! They're basically a brand which sells products for teeth-whitening, as well as other things on the side such as the 'Brow-to-go' kit and 'lip-gloss and hair' section upon their website. Whitening lightening has also been said to have been in celebrity goodie bags at events and parties, and many A-listers have 'fessed up to using the product - so that's a good sign, eh?!

Firstly, they offer the 'Dial a Smile' professional kit, which consists of a colour charter in what your teeth may look like now, and what they will look like guaranteed within 14-16days, YouTube reviewers have seen the difference in much less! You also get a UV light, swab stick and brush with gel. 

Below is the step by step instructions on how to do it:


Although the 'Dial a Smile' kit comes at a hefty price of £248.90, the overwhelming amount of 5 star reviews and appraisal about the product shows it must be pretty good. However, if you're looking for something a little bit more in your price-range? Then look no further! They also happen to do a 'Super Booster Pen' which is only £49.28 and still has the same, great results. You basically put the gel on dry teeth, leave it in over night, then brush it out in the morning! Perfect looking teeth overnight?! Yes, please. My teeth aren't yellow or anything, but they're not sparkling white either which is why I REALLY want to try out this product.


instructions for the Super Booster Pen below:

Lastly, Whitening Lightening obtain the 'Brow-To-Go' kit which I've yet to try out, but will definitely buy it and get round to doing a review about it. However, I've heard that it's pretty good, but not as good as other stuff out there. BUT, the clue is in the name - it is an 'to-go' product, so it's not going to be a huge palette with long-lasting effects. Brow Bar To Go is packaged in a sleek compact that includes the 2 brow powder colours, clear sealer, an application brush and an application mirror. The colours are brown and tan, as well as the clear sealer. You just apply the colour  to your brows and then simply apply the clear sealer. The result? fuller and contoured brows.

SURPRISE! so guess what? I've rummaged around a little bit and found that if you enter the promo code 'FOXYBROWS' you can receive both 'Super Booster Pen' and the 'Brow-To-Go' kit for only £25! Which I think is really an amazing deal, so get your hands on it quick!
Do you have any of the 'Whitening Lightening' products? What are your thoughts on them? 

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2012 & Hello 2013

It's now the year 2013 - whoa, '13? that sounds so strange.. after writing down 2012 countless times in essays or just checking the date throughout the year has made me more than accustomed. Ah well, time to get used to 2013.

2012 was full of hard work, struggle, joy and determination. It saw the wettest year on record, the success of 50 shades of grey, (innuendo not included) along with celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee and of course, the great London Olympics. In this post, I shall be talking about my year, from all its highs and lows.


I not only turned a year older (17 - the most suckish year you will EVER encounter!) and however cheesy I may be, I also met my lovely boyfriend which will be going  on a year next month. 
MARCH - JUNE 2012:

ANYONE will tell you this who study A Levels. You WILL fool around, without a doubt. My parents would tell me "make sure you work hard, you don't want to resit another year" followed by myself shooing away their lecturing with the going in one ear and going out the other response of "yeah, yeah, I will." How wrong was I. The fact was, even when you THINK your trying hard, like handing in your homework on time, trying hard in class - it still isn't good enough. A levels really push you from the ever-easy foolproof GCSE's. 

You have to literally revise your ass off to even achieve a C/B grade (that's if your not naturally gifted with an high IQ). It's difficult to admit that you fail when others succeed, but even so others can do worse than yourself - so you don't know whether to feel relieved or bad! For example, without sounding too modest but i absolutely LOVED english that i even claimed an A* at GCSE. Overconfidently, I took English & Literature AS which turned out to be one of my biggest regrets. Not because of my ultimate embarrasment of Nelly's 2003 hit of 'It's getting hot in here' blasting out randomly from my Iphone, (cringe), but the sheer hours and hard work of effort I didn't put in. 

After receiving low grades come march time in not only that subject but others too after sitting January exams, I decided to pull myself together. "This is it", i thought to myself. I don't want to waste my time, I NEED to get good grades.I then decided to re-sit quite a few of my exams, when august came around low and behold I'd achieved hearty grades. So for me, 2012 was an eye opener studying wise - I realized you have to really work hard to achieve in life. I wouldn't be in the position I am in now, waiting on university offers and interviews if i hadn't of pulled myself together - it's never too late! That's the advice I would give to others.


Summer was both and absolute horror and joy. My dad was caught up in a bad accident on the motorway, which resulted in a camper van flipping and rolling over numerous times - AMAZINGLY avoiding lorries which could have resulted in worse consequences. I'm fortunate to have my Dad still here, when many people don't. Furthermore, on a brighter note, my gorgeous baby nephew 'Lorenzo Zecca/Briggs' was born! If you're thinking, eh, Zecca? Bit Foreign?.. That's because his dad is an Italian; my sister lives in Italy  So, Italy it was this summer! He was an tiny thing yet so beautiful. (My family were blessed with this baby, making 2012 a rather special year after all. 


I think personally I'd started to have grown up quite a lot by this point, my focus was on my studies, socializing with friends and just being happy. Even abolishing ex boyfriends from trying to clamber back into my life! Ew.

Resolutions for 2013? May sound rather cliché  but to carry on working hard - if harder! - To achieve my goal of going to university, for one chapter of my life to end, and another to begin. Secondly? maaaybe lose a couple of pounds with all that Christmas junk hanging off me! and last, not but not least to make this year better than the last.

Sorry for the lack of resolutions! But I'm not quite on to the 'Bucket List' stage yet. Hopefully 2013 promises to be a great one - even the weather forecasters say so! (fingers crossed!)

Thanks for reading,

Love, Hannah x