Alice in Wonderland Makeup..

Ok, so this post is a liiiittle bit random! But it's still kind of related to fashion/beauty areas which I usually write about. Anyway! for my A level photography i'm focusing on fairytales; at the moment Alice in Wonderland. I kind of like this look in general, as it made my eyes look wide awake - when i've literally been falling asleep today! The first three images are just to show you what makeup I used. (PLEASE IGNORE my eyebrows! I intentionally darkened them alot for the 'Alice' pictures)


eyes: Naked 2 Urban Decay - Verve.
 Estee Lauder 'Pure Color Eyeshadow' in 'Periwinkle'
Poundland Eyelashes haahha!
(They're actually quite decent!)
 Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil
brows: Bare Minerals brush
          Urban Decay Naked 2
lips: Mac Lipstick in 'FROST'

This is just one of my images from my small 'Alice in Wonderland' shoot - bare in mind it's just rough, I shall be doing a proper shoot in the woods of models (hopefully) in the coming weeks! I may share it with you all. :)

February Buys! Topshop, Primark, Riverisland....

This post is going to be on my gulity February
Buys! Everything from Primark to Topshop, oops! Bye Bye money! - So totally worth it though. Take a look below at some of the things I


This Primark shirt only cost £12, which I
thought was really good, because it's basically a
cheaper version of the Topshop blouse I bought below. It features a chinese-style design in 'blue ink' which I absolutely love. As soon as I spotted it in Primark I just literally grabbed it, and got the last size! WIN.


This is the Topshop floral blouse which is, quite possibly, my FAVOURITE item ever. It costed around £40, which is yes, very steep - but I got it for student discount at an okish - but still expensive £36. It's so beautiful though, and the quality is amazing - it isn't very see through either! Which i find most shirts/blouses are.

                                                RIVER ISLAND:

 I then got this simple, yet edgy oversized statement shirt from River Island for a decent £15. As some of you may know, I'm really really OBSESSED with New York, so why not buy a promoted top?! The fact that it's just a plain black/white mix you can basically wear it with anything.

 Similar to the NYC top, this oversized 'Brooklyn' top is a sporty-chic trend which i'm quite liking lately. And of course, it mentions New York on it ;) The red itself doesn't do it justice in this picture, it's a pure bright red which really emphasizes the overall look. Again, this was from River Island for just £15.


I also purchased the black bodycon dress from Mango, (which I mentioned in the 18th Birthday post below!) you can read it here. It cost £35, but it was so totally worth it, I went around town with it and it was so comfortable for drinking/dancing in, and the lovely detail around the chest area makes it different from any other plain black bodycon dress.

What do you think to my February buys? Have you bought anything nice this month? :)

Oscars 2013 - Worst and Best Dressed

So, the other night the Oscars dazzled onto our screens, showing a lot of bling, expensive suits and to-die-for dresses. However, with every good, there's always the 'bad'. This post i'm going to talk about the best and worst dressed (in my opinion) at the Oscars 2013.

Jennifer Lawrence:

You may mainly know her from the fantastic 'Hunger Games' or even the 'Silver Linings Playbook' with the gorg Bradley Cooper. But for me, Jennifer really stood out in the dress by Dior, which didn't overpower her even with it's sheer size.

Jennifer Lawrence

She looked absolutely amazing, the elegant jewellery really blends in well, as it doesn't take too much attention away from the actual dress. The beautiful tiny beaded necklace along with the sparkly ball-drop earrings really work well together, as well as being simple and classy - which is always a bonus.

I applaud you, Jennifer Lawrence, and Dior for this look! Lawrence definitely triumphed the red-carpet and out-staged most of the other celebrities in this masterpiece.

Jennifer Anniston:

All the celebrity 'Jennifers' are fashionistas at the Oscars!
Anniston stuns in this simple Valentino silk red dress, although it's quite a safe option, she really pulled it off and managed to make it look flawless.

However, I also noticed that when this dress was placed within different lighting, (as pictured here) the dress itself turns a deep orange colour, which doesn't go as well as red, but hey, the lights do change perspective!

Anne Hathaway:

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE her, but this dress it totally a wrong move, and I SO miss her long hair!:(
The dress itself is just a plain pink silk with cut off shoulders, but the worst part? I think the main show of the dress was the awkward visibility of her nibbles. Erm, we don't want to see that thanks!

Anne Hathaway: 85th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

Not only that, I don't think the dress really did much for her, it looked kinda lumpy on the top half, and didn't look as if it fitted properly due to the creases and baggy area near the stomach. Not a great look.

The cut off area at the back is kind of weird also, not too keen on that. The only thing I would say I like would be the lovely necklace and jewelled straps at the back. Better luck next time, Hathaway.

Amy Adams:

Her dress has been slated by so many critics, but I personally don't see what's wrong with it! It's in some of the 'worst dressed' categories but I wouldn't say that at all. It's absolutely gorgeous, the feathers are delicate and flow nicely unlike a lot of other

This lovely grey-coloured dress by Oscar de la Renta really flaunted her body features, it fitted her trim waist perfectly and made her look stunning in turn.

What do you think to the Oscars 2013 dresses?

What I Wore For My 18th Birthday

Hello lovelies! So as some of you may or may not know, it was my 18th birthday last week!:) And I've basically had different celebrations for it throughout the week hahah, from pub family gatherings, to shopping, movie nights and going around town (York). But i'm not going to talk about all that, I'm just going to show you the outfit that I wore for the night out!

My dress needed pulling down a little here - the downside of any bodycon dress! This beautiful dress however, was so lovely fitting, and the cut out detail on the sleeves and chest area gave it a sexy feel - without being too revealing which was a really nice touch. After WEEKS of searching for the perfect dress, I found this beauty from 'Mango' for a reasonable £35. 

My outfit also featured a 'Guess' watch which I got for Christmas  which I THINK is about £80-90? A cross pendant necklace from New Look which was £3.99 PLUS it was on buy one get one free, so I bagged some black/gold drop earrings to wear as well (which you can't really see!) Lastly, I wore some black cut-out wedges from New Look which cost around £15, however by the end of the night my feet were so painful that I had to get the Taxi back bare-footed (classy, I know haha!) 


 For my hair, I used 'Enrapture' heat rollers which are absolutely amazing. You can't go wrong with them, your hair will come out literally almost perfect every time  even if you're a beginner at curling hair. Enrapture Heat rollers do cost around £75 last time I checked, but I actually bought them last year for only £40 in the Argos sale which was fab!

For my makeup I opted for a smokey eye look, as to match with the sleek black dress. Here are the products that I used in order:
1. Urban Decay 'Naked Skin' Foundation in the shade 3.0
2. Bare Minerals (Square-Ended) Brush for my brows
3. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette (used the colours tease, bootycall, snakebite, pistol and more - will do a post on this at some point 
4. Used 'Sex and The City' False Eyelashes in 'Carrie' - they're so good and cheap!
5. It's not really visible in the photos, but I then used Mac lipstick.


Thanks for reading xoxo

Taylor Swift Wears Elie Saab At The Brits 2013

Well, I thought i'd dedicate this post especially to the lovely Taylor Swift as to not only compliment her fashion sense, but keeping it cool and professional whilst being in the same room as her previous flame - One Direction's Harry Styles - awwwkward! However, this statement dress by Elie Saab could be her way of showing him what he's missing. She topped off the sleek look with the famous Giuseppe Zanotti shoes (who Kim Kardashian also favours), 'Neil Lane' jewels and smokey eyes for her stunning makeup.

Brits 2013 red carpet: The Brit Awards, Arrivals, O2 Arena, London, Britain - 20th February 2013

Taylor look absolutely stunning in a clean black, classy dress which flaunted her curves and complimented her body features in all the right places. Even the added gold belt really emphasized the look, by highlighting her trim waist and broke the actual dress down a little rather than just being plain.

 Showing just enough flesh: The gown not only boasted thigh high splits but there was also a slit from the neckline that dipped down to the middle of her back
Early arrival: Taylor was one of the first guests onto the red carpet and avoided a confrontation with Harry Styles who arrived with his band much later

Although the dress itself is definitely fit for its purpose - (to wow on the red carpet) the mesh cut outs along arms areas kind of give it a sultry/sexy feel, especially with the thigh-high sheer leg panels. Personally, I think Taylor's trying to change her image. I think that she's trying to get away from the stereotypical 'girl-next-door' role with the pretty dresses and sweet songs, to something more adultery - but not too revealing as she launches into her twenties.

For her performances she opted (or her stylist chose) a lace/embroidery style, one in white and the other in black as to suit different moods of the song. The powerful tune "I knew You Were Trouble" really blasted out of her vocals, obviously aimed at Mr. Styles *cough *cough* Nevertheless, she really came through. Result? Taylor looked flawless, and for me, really stood out against most of the other people at the BRITS.

Topshop's latest craze...

We've all heard of the trend-frenzy 'NERD'/'GEEK' tops which literally EVERYONE seems to own (apart from me, oops.) But it's come to my attention that a new, shirt/blouse is on the scene. A person that I know who works at Topshop actually posted a photo of the item on Instagram, as part of her Topshop uniform. I instantly fell in love with it. What i'm talking about is the blouse that consists of a floral blue pattern with the odd bird thrown in. You may think, ah it's just another overpriced Topshop garment - yes, that is the downside.

With the price of £40 it's massively overpriced, I know that. I literally hardly ever buy anything from Topshop because of its extortionate prices, with the exception of if it's in the sale. However, for 2 whole weeks whilst browsing the Topshop website I found myself coming back to this blouse again and again - there was just something so beautiful about it!

So, as a birthday treat I went shopping into York last week. I spotted the blouse (last one in my size! - FATE!) grabbed it and dashed to the fitting rooms. It looks absolutely perfect, it floated gracefully in all the right places, the quality of the clothing was actually quite good as well. As I was walking out of the changing rooms, one employee said to the other "god, I really want that blouse, it's SO nice!" I smirked to myself clutching the beauty. Just at that moment, another employee on the shopfloor with some customers asked me where i'd found it, after pointing out the hidden area (they were proper hidden) she thanked me and showed the girl and her mother the area of blouses. Unforutantly I doubt that girl could of had one, as they only had massive sizes left. I felt so lucky to have it - i've never actually felt so happy buying a piece of clothing! hahah

Scratch that, technically my boyfriend bought it for me as one of my 18th birthday presents, but hey, it's totally worth the money. Not only that though, with student discount it did drop the price to £36. So, not SO terribly bad after all I guess!

You can find this at - although I think they MIGHT be sold out on the website
Or alternatively you can check out your local Topshop store.

What do you think?:)

Fashion Communications Northumbria Interview!

Hello lovelies! well, the past week has been so busy for me, with valentines day, my 18th birthday (shall do a post on that!) and of course, my Northumbria university interview. Although this post isn't something I'd usually write about, it's still fashion related so..yeah. It was around 7am when I woke, I didn't need to set off to Newcastle till about 1 o'clock, as my interview was at 4pm - and Yorkshire is only about an hour and half away. However, it must of been the nerves or something to wake myself up at that time! Damn body alarm clock.

Anyway, I tried to keep myself preoccupied by going through my visual cv countless times, to make sure I wasn't stuck for words in the actual interview!
I was stressing out so much, especially as I did mine on powerpoint and many others did theirs on an A3 board whom i've talked to via social networking sites such as twitter or even instagram by hashtagging #fashioncommunications or #visualcv. If you're thinking of applying to this course for 2014, this is SO helpful! seriously! So, as you do I was over thinking everything, is my visual cv good enough? what if it won't work/open up at the interview? (I used my USB stick y'see). So, my dad just told me to save the powerpoint as normal, save it as a PDF, AND e-mail it to myself. I know, bit too much.

My dad and I set off, and surprising arrived at half past 2, which gave us plenty of time to have look around Newcastle. I was pretty impressed with the sights and shopping areas, especially seeing as the university campus itself was so close to both accommodation and the city centre. My interview was held at the modern 'School of Design' building, which was opposite the business school. I was literally shaking as the time hit 15:30, which was when I was at the reception, collecting my Northumbria freebies such as a folder, miniature badge, a pencil, leaflets and other sheets which included a questonaire. I had to fill out this questionaire in order for the people that run the course to know more about me. As you're presenting in a group for 5mins, there's not much time for the lecturer to ask you much. These questions, as I can remember, consisted of:

1. Name an artist, a photographer, a designer, and musician who inspires you and why
2. Why do you want to go to Northumbria, What is is about the School of Design?
3. Where do you see yourself in 10+ years time/in the future doing?

I honestly can't remember the rest sorry! Anyway, so we went to some cafe area which was on site, and used the free £2 refreshment voucher that they gave us at the reception. (Not bad, Northumbria - love a good freebie). I bought a diet coke which was a HUGE mistake, as of course pop makes you feel kinda.. y'know.. burpy? hahah! But thank god I was fine, (my advice, get WATER.) So as I finished scribbling down the answers to the questions with the dodgy freebie pencil I got given (remember to take a pen with you hah!) I waited impatiently for my dad to scoff down some treacle waffle ahah. 

Back into the Design building, me and some others girls waited, looking anxiously at one another as each second passed. I think they were late showing the other girls around as we got called in by a lecturer about nearly 10 mins later, and it literally felt like my heart was in my stomach. and throat. If that even makes sense?! He ushered us to a smallish room, which consisted of a white table and chairs in the middle, surrounded by mac computers. We were then told to take a seat, and the lecturer and third year student that was there were really friendly, and just explained what the process was. To be fair, although it was really nerve-wracking, there was the odd joke being cracked which made it kinda relaxing. 
A girl next to me did hers first, due to where we were sat in the chairs. She had an A3 board, and started talking about her lifestyle which was full of brimming pictures and illustrations which was quite good. Next, was me. I shakily asked if I could stick my USB stick in somewhere, and luckily he had his mac laptop on him which I used. However, when I tried to open up the Powerpoint file I nearly died - It wouldn't open as I used Microsoft  and I think mac's run differently  LUCKILY the PDF worked that my dad told me to save, thank god for that. I started to talk about my inspirations  how I've lived in different countries and speak fluent Italian - which the lecturer seemed to then perk up. I then said how in Italy, they're main fashion accessories is their sunglasses - be it day, night, rain or shine they WILL not go without them. Which everyone chuckled at which really boosted my confidence. I think that if you make them laugh, they'll remember you - which is a good thing. I also talked about my blog and other things. In the visual CV brief on the website it told you to mention something to do with music or books or films that you may like - just out of personality interest. I actually talked about Ugly Betty, as that series was my main influence (fashion journalism) for what I wanted to as a career - which everyone smiled about which really spurred me on.

When I was talking through my power point  I noticed that I was the only one who actually stood up and talked, whereas all the other girls sat down and did theirs, which I think was quite off putting  So i'd really say not to do that, as I could really tell that the lecturer was losing his interest. After all the girls had presented their visual cvs (there was 3 other girls in the room), the Lecturer said we would know if we got in within 24 hours, and that 360 people had applied, so If we do get an offer, we would be pretty lucky.
After this, we had a mini tour of the School of Design building by another 3rd year student, who was really lovely - I actually began to fall in love with the place. 


When I got home I found myself constantly checking and refreshing my e-mail, for what seemed like forever. Finally, the next day at around 3ish, my email pinged and said that I had a UCAS notification. Hurriedly  I opened up UCAS Track, to find I had got a Conditional. I literally screamed with joy! Out of 350 people, I was picked as one of the lucky few! Now I just need to obtain the grades to get in! Fingers crossed!

Love, Hannah x

Single this Valentines Day? No Fear!

I admit, I am one of those hopelessly romantic people that love, well, love. I swear it's with watching all those Disney princess movies as a child and giving me false hope! Ah well, all is fair in love and war. Unfortunately I'm not actually doing much this Valentines Day - this is because I have a University Interview at Northumbria tomorrow for Fashion Communications! EEK. But I WILL definitely make something of it, as apart from my birthday it's one of the most longed for days of the year (that is, unless you're single.) 

This is why I've made a post dedicated to you singletons out there! Does the feeling of romance, gooey lovey dovey couples and everything sweet make you feel queasy  Or do you simply want to escape the Valentines fiasco? No Fear! There's plenty of options for you all.

1. Grab a few single friends and go out! I wouldn't personally go to the cinema as they're probably going to be overcrowded with loved up couples. Try hitting the shops or going for some drinks on the night out - you never know, may actually meet someone special!

2. Have a cosy night in. Nothing wrong with that! Watch a bunch of movies with a massive quilt. Even if all your mates happen to be in relationships, then grab the two men that never leave your side. One, named Ben. The other, Jerry.

3. TREAT YOURSELF. If you don't have a guy do it, then why not splash a bit out on yourself? You're saving a good few pence anyway with merely being single! Get a new hair-do or a whole new wardrobe. The possibilities are endless.

4.Cry forever in your aloneness. NO I'M TOTALLY KIDDING. Your relationship doesn't identify your identity - if you're single or in a relationship you're still you. So this Valentines Day - if you really want to 'survive' do nothing! Or any normal routine of your day. Just think of it as any other day. :)

I hope you all have a nice valentines day, single or not! X x

February Wishlist

Hello lovelies, apologises for not posting in a while! As you can see from my last post update, I'm quite busy this month! However, I've always got a spare minute or two for my blog. :)
So this mini post is basically going to be about what items I would like to own this month - it varies from shoes, to makeup - anything pretty really!

I LOVE this oversized t-shirt, it's literally amazing in my eyes. I can just picture it with black leggings and black chelsea gusset boots with a leather jacket. Mm. (Did I happen to mention I also have a slight obssession with anything even slightly related to New York..?) From River Island it only costs a measly £15! However with  delivery it does unfortunately clamber up to a steep £18.95 - so I'm waiting until I go into town to grab this beauty! Think fast though, because I predict this will sell out quite quickly.

2. The Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush - i've heard MANY good reviews about this particular brush, and it's also meant to match perfectly with the 'Naked Skin' foundation, as I have the foundation I really want to test this out - as I absolutely love the Urban Decay products.

Black (Black) Black Stud Toe Cap Ankle Boots | 268852001 | New Look3. I REALLY want a pair of black chelsea boots. I already do have some studded high heeled ones from Ark, however they're not really for everyday use. I would like some ankle boot style ones, with a litte heel that doesn't give the foot to much pain! These cute yet stylish ones from
offer a great range, as do and my favourite, I find that other stores such as the giant Topshop do charge WAY too much.

4.Last but not least, I would really like a simple yet classic black body-con dress such as this one.  I quite like this dress, as it features a scoopback which is quite sexy but not overly sexy if that makes any sense whats so ever! If I could alter one thing it would probably to make the sleeves slightly shorter.. I'm still on the hunt for my 18th birthday dress - if you know of anything please help me out!:) This particular one is from River Island, and for only £18 it's the cheapest one I've seen that has decent quality. If you don't really care about quality, but still want an affordable price for an okay dress, then the place to go is

Sorry for the short post, but I'll hopefully come back very soon for a last minute Valentines Day guide. Feel free to leave any comments about what you think to my wishlist! What's yours?!