Fashion Communications Northumbria Interview!

Hello lovelies! well, the past week has been so busy for me, with valentines day, my 18th birthday (shall do a post on that!) and of course, my Northumbria university interview. Although this post isn't something I'd usually write about, it's still fashion related so..yeah. It was around 7am when I woke, I didn't need to set off to Newcastle till about 1 o'clock, as my interview was at 4pm - and Yorkshire is only about an hour and half away. However, it must of been the nerves or something to wake myself up at that time! Damn body alarm clock.

Anyway, I tried to keep myself preoccupied by going through my visual cv countless times, to make sure I wasn't stuck for words in the actual interview!
I was stressing out so much, especially as I did mine on powerpoint and many others did theirs on an A3 board whom i've talked to via social networking sites such as twitter or even instagram by hashtagging #fashioncommunications or #visualcv. If you're thinking of applying to this course for 2014, this is SO helpful! seriously! So, as you do I was over thinking everything, is my visual cv good enough? what if it won't work/open up at the interview? (I used my USB stick y'see). So, my dad just told me to save the powerpoint as normal, save it as a PDF, AND e-mail it to myself. I know, bit too much.

My dad and I set off, and surprising arrived at half past 2, which gave us plenty of time to have look around Newcastle. I was pretty impressed with the sights and shopping areas, especially seeing as the university campus itself was so close to both accommodation and the city centre. My interview was held at the modern 'School of Design' building, which was opposite the business school. I was literally shaking as the time hit 15:30, which was when I was at the reception, collecting my Northumbria freebies such as a folder, miniature badge, a pencil, leaflets and other sheets which included a questonaire. I had to fill out this questionaire in order for the people that run the course to know more about me. As you're presenting in a group for 5mins, there's not much time for the lecturer to ask you much. These questions, as I can remember, consisted of:

1. Name an artist, a photographer, a designer, and musician who inspires you and why
2. Why do you want to go to Northumbria, What is is about the School of Design?
3. Where do you see yourself in 10+ years time/in the future doing?

I honestly can't remember the rest sorry! Anyway, so we went to some cafe area which was on site, and used the free £2 refreshment voucher that they gave us at the reception. (Not bad, Northumbria - love a good freebie). I bought a diet coke which was a HUGE mistake, as of course pop makes you feel kinda.. y'know.. burpy? hahah! But thank god I was fine, (my advice, get WATER.) So as I finished scribbling down the answers to the questions with the dodgy freebie pencil I got given (remember to take a pen with you hah!) I waited impatiently for my dad to scoff down some treacle waffle ahah. 

Back into the Design building, me and some others girls waited, looking anxiously at one another as each second passed. I think they were late showing the other girls around as we got called in by a lecturer about nearly 10 mins later, and it literally felt like my heart was in my stomach. and throat. If that even makes sense?! He ushered us to a smallish room, which consisted of a white table and chairs in the middle, surrounded by mac computers. We were then told to take a seat, and the lecturer and third year student that was there were really friendly, and just explained what the process was. To be fair, although it was really nerve-wracking, there was the odd joke being cracked which made it kinda relaxing. 
A girl next to me did hers first, due to where we were sat in the chairs. She had an A3 board, and started talking about her lifestyle which was full of brimming pictures and illustrations which was quite good. Next, was me. I shakily asked if I could stick my USB stick in somewhere, and luckily he had his mac laptop on him which I used. However, when I tried to open up the Powerpoint file I nearly died - It wouldn't open as I used Microsoft  and I think mac's run differently  LUCKILY the PDF worked that my dad told me to save, thank god for that. I started to talk about my inspirations  how I've lived in different countries and speak fluent Italian - which the lecturer seemed to then perk up. I then said how in Italy, they're main fashion accessories is their sunglasses - be it day, night, rain or shine they WILL not go without them. Which everyone chuckled at which really boosted my confidence. I think that if you make them laugh, they'll remember you - which is a good thing. I also talked about my blog and other things. In the visual CV brief on the website it told you to mention something to do with music or books or films that you may like - just out of personality interest. I actually talked about Ugly Betty, as that series was my main influence (fashion journalism) for what I wanted to as a career - which everyone smiled about which really spurred me on.

When I was talking through my power point  I noticed that I was the only one who actually stood up and talked, whereas all the other girls sat down and did theirs, which I think was quite off putting  So i'd really say not to do that, as I could really tell that the lecturer was losing his interest. After all the girls had presented their visual cvs (there was 3 other girls in the room), the Lecturer said we would know if we got in within 24 hours, and that 360 people had applied, so If we do get an offer, we would be pretty lucky.
After this, we had a mini tour of the School of Design building by another 3rd year student, who was really lovely - I actually began to fall in love with the place. 


When I got home I found myself constantly checking and refreshing my e-mail, for what seemed like forever. Finally, the next day at around 3ish, my email pinged and said that I had a UCAS notification. Hurriedly  I opened up UCAS Track, to find I had got a Conditional. I literally screamed with joy! Out of 350 people, I was picked as one of the lucky few! Now I just need to obtain the grades to get in! Fingers crossed!

Love, Hannah x


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  2. Well done, you sounded like you did an amazing job! I would love it if you would check out my blog and even follow, i would die happy!!!

    1. aw thank you! yeah sure i'll go check out your blog now!:) xx

  3. I had an interview the same day mine was at 3 :) i got a conditional too! Hope you get the grades chick xxx

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  5. My mums just found your blog after searching for fashion communications on google, I got accepted this morning to go, I hope you did too! Xxx