February Buys! Topshop, Primark, Riverisland....

This post is going to be on my gulity February
Buys! Everything from Primark to Topshop, oops! Bye Bye money! - So totally worth it though. Take a look below at some of the things I


This Primark shirt only cost £12, which I
thought was really good, because it's basically a
cheaper version of the Topshop blouse I bought below. It features a chinese-style design in 'blue ink' which I absolutely love. As soon as I spotted it in Primark I just literally grabbed it, and got the last size! WIN.


This is the Topshop floral blouse which is, quite possibly, my FAVOURITE item ever. It costed around £40, which is yes, very steep - but I got it for student discount at an okish - but still expensive £36. It's so beautiful though, and the quality is amazing - it isn't very see through either! Which i find most shirts/blouses are.

                                                RIVER ISLAND:

 I then got this simple, yet edgy oversized statement shirt from River Island for a decent £15. As some of you may know, I'm really really OBSESSED with New York, so why not buy a promoted top?! The fact that it's just a plain black/white mix you can basically wear it with anything.

 Similar to the NYC top, this oversized 'Brooklyn' top is a sporty-chic trend which i'm quite liking lately. And of course, it mentions New York on it ;) The red itself doesn't do it justice in this picture, it's a pure bright red which really emphasizes the overall look. Again, this was from River Island for just £15.


I also purchased the black bodycon dress from Mango, (which I mentioned in the 18th Birthday post below!) you can read it here. It cost £35, but it was so totally worth it, I went around town with it and it was so comfortable for drinking/dancing in, and the lovely detail around the chest area makes it different from any other plain black bodycon dress.

What do you think to my February buys? Have you bought anything nice this month? :)


  1. LOVE that blouse, will have to pop along to Primark soon, they're definitely starting to keep up with the fashion trends now!

    terriface01.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. Love your blog! So pretty and informative! Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I have followed you!!! xx


  3. I love the shirts! I've just bought myself some french toile material so I can make a pillow with it- now I might stretch it to a shirt if I can get away with it!

  4. love the two t-shirts xxx

  5. You look beautiful x

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :) 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)
    I love your style and your hair is gorgeous, girl!

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  7. I love the two shirts! Oh and the dress.. oeeh and the blouse! Haha, I really like your style :) xx

  8. Really lovethis firts shirt! it's perfect! I like you blog, its interesting. I'm your new follower. hope you visit me and follow me back if you like my blog!


    kisses and nice day!

  9. I love the nyc red top, i love baggy tops and they are literally all i wear, it looks great on you
    Gwen x

  10. such adorable things you've bought! xx

  11. Thank you for comment and follow, also following you too!
    I love the New York and Brooklyn t-shirts!
    Fashion Ganache.

  12. I'm in love with your shirts so gorgeous! Xxx