Single this Valentines Day? No Fear!

I admit, I am one of those hopelessly romantic people that love, well, love. I swear it's with watching all those Disney princess movies as a child and giving me false hope! Ah well, all is fair in love and war. Unfortunately I'm not actually doing much this Valentines Day - this is because I have a University Interview at Northumbria tomorrow for Fashion Communications! EEK. But I WILL definitely make something of it, as apart from my birthday it's one of the most longed for days of the year (that is, unless you're single.) 

This is why I've made a post dedicated to you singletons out there! Does the feeling of romance, gooey lovey dovey couples and everything sweet make you feel queasy  Or do you simply want to escape the Valentines fiasco? No Fear! There's plenty of options for you all.

1. Grab a few single friends and go out! I wouldn't personally go to the cinema as they're probably going to be overcrowded with loved up couples. Try hitting the shops or going for some drinks on the night out - you never know, may actually meet someone special!

2. Have a cosy night in. Nothing wrong with that! Watch a bunch of movies with a massive quilt. Even if all your mates happen to be in relationships, then grab the two men that never leave your side. One, named Ben. The other, Jerry.

3. TREAT YOURSELF. If you don't have a guy do it, then why not splash a bit out on yourself? You're saving a good few pence anyway with merely being single! Get a new hair-do or a whole new wardrobe. The possibilities are endless.

4.Cry forever in your aloneness. NO I'M TOTALLY KIDDING. Your relationship doesn't identify your identity - if you're single or in a relationship you're still you. So this Valentines Day - if you really want to 'survive' do nothing! Or any normal routine of your day. Just think of it as any other day. :)

I hope you all have a nice valentines day, single or not! X x

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  1. Haha witty and light hearted! Love it!