Topshop's latest craze...

We've all heard of the trend-frenzy 'NERD'/'GEEK' tops which literally EVERYONE seems to own (apart from me, oops.) But it's come to my attention that a new, shirt/blouse is on the scene. A person that I know who works at Topshop actually posted a photo of the item on Instagram, as part of her Topshop uniform. I instantly fell in love with it. What i'm talking about is the blouse that consists of a floral blue pattern with the odd bird thrown in. You may think, ah it's just another overpriced Topshop garment - yes, that is the downside.

With the price of £40 it's massively overpriced, I know that. I literally hardly ever buy anything from Topshop because of its extortionate prices, with the exception of if it's in the sale. However, for 2 whole weeks whilst browsing the Topshop website I found myself coming back to this blouse again and again - there was just something so beautiful about it!

So, as a birthday treat I went shopping into York last week. I spotted the blouse (last one in my size! - FATE!) grabbed it and dashed to the fitting rooms. It looks absolutely perfect, it floated gracefully in all the right places, the quality of the clothing was actually quite good as well. As I was walking out of the changing rooms, one employee said to the other "god, I really want that blouse, it's SO nice!" I smirked to myself clutching the beauty. Just at that moment, another employee on the shopfloor with some customers asked me where i'd found it, after pointing out the hidden area (they were proper hidden) she thanked me and showed the girl and her mother the area of blouses. Unforutantly I doubt that girl could of had one, as they only had massive sizes left. I felt so lucky to have it - i've never actually felt so happy buying a piece of clothing! hahah

Scratch that, technically my boyfriend bought it for me as one of my 18th birthday presents, but hey, it's totally worth the money. Not only that though, with student discount it did drop the price to £36. So, not SO terribly bad after all I guess!

You can find this at - although I think they MIGHT be sold out on the website
Or alternatively you can check out your local Topshop store.

What do you think?:)


  1. I love it! It's so cute!! :)
    I've had that happen in Topshop before. There was a skater dress I wanted for months but it was too expensive. Luckily, I saw the dresses on sale a couple of weeks ago in my local Topshop. The only size they had left was mine. Plus the dress was only £10 in the end. I was super happy for the rest of the day hahaa! :)

  2. It's really pretty! Sometimes it's so worth buying something that you love - I had the same thing with my Topshop bow satchel in a gorgeous candy lilac. I waited ages for it to go on sale from £35 and eventually got it for Christmas for £12. Win! x

    Isabel Rose

  3. I hope you had a lovely 18th! All downhill from there ;)

    You look lovely and it's so nice to finally buy something you've admired for a while x

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

  4. Love this. Topshp is so overpriced but I think somthing like this is definitely worth the ££ xx