March Favourites

Hello lovelies! Apologies for not posting for quite a few days, I've had lots of work to do! - However, now it's the Easter holidays I intend to be doing plenty more posts! Not only that, next week I shall be down London, which will probably result in a huge haul and some serious damage to my bank account! So, stay tuned for that! Anyway, seeing as March is coming to an end and April is fast approaching, I thought i'd do a little post on my very own 'March favourites' in terms of beauty products. 

      MUA | ELEMIS | NYC 

    I recently talked about the Elemis moisturizer (which you can see above) in my freebies post which you can read here. Although it smells rather chemicalized - if that's even a word! - It was so soft and great on my skin, especially for those with dry/sensitive skin like myself. Although mines a freebie, you can purchase it from stores and online for around £20 - or to make it easier, click here!

 This is the MUA blusher in 'shade 5' which I thiiiink was called something like 'dolly cheeks' - or something like that! It only cost £1 from Superdrug which is an absolute bargain. It's hard to explain, but it's soft of a peach-pinky/coral colour! Perfect for spring/summer wear. You can purchase it here.

 After getting so addicted to the price range at MUA, I then picked up a lipstick which was in the shade 9, and it's kind of like a pinky/nudey colour if that makes any sense! (I know, i'm rubbish at describing things!) This was also £1, fab! You can purchase it here.

Here you can see a swatch of what i actually looks like on my skin, in the sunlight it tends to look a little shiny/glittery!

I've raved about NYC Cosmetics for SO long, and I think only now they're just starting to actually get noticed! I love their mascaras, especially if you're a student or just on a low budget. These both come at around £3.99, and together they're insanely good. Although, it's not for those that don't want exaggerated eyes, you have to be careful when applying it so it doesn't look clumpy. Interested in NYC? click here if you are!

  Last but not least, the NYC eyeliners which I adored, but i'm starting to go off a TINY bit now, just because they dry up on the eyes far too quickly! However, for £1.99 you can't go wrong, it lasts a good few hours on your face and is a lot cheaper than buying other eyeliner products. As you can see, I did love it (hence why I have two!) 

What are your March favourites? Any beauty products I should look out for? Let me know!

Alice in Wonderland Shoot / OOTD

Today i'd organized an Alice in Wonderland shoot for my A2 photography exam - seeing as it's the middle of march I didn't expect any snow! But yeah, it snowed. However, despite freezing cold conditions and baring skin, It turned out to be a pretty successful shoot. The fact that the scenery was all snow laden made it look that little bit more mystical and strange, like why would anyone have a tea party in the snow?! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images - and I warn you this post is rather photo heavy!

You could call this a DIY project. I used an old, lace white dress from Yumi - which I think was like £45 - Yeah, safe to say I didn't pay for it! The blue ribbons I added for effect, because when I think of Alice in Wonderland, there's a little bit of blue. So i tied the blue sparkly netting around my waist into a bow, and the same for the headband.

Of course, it isn't Alice in Wonderland without the playing cards!

hahaha a 'behind the scenes' shot! Coat from Dorothy Perkins £80

      My dog as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! ahahah aww

Yeeeaah, I got a little cold after an hour! Hope you enjoyed my pictures!

What do you think?

Opening Day Of Leeds Trinity!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for only myself, but everyone who calls Leeds their home city. March 21st saw Leeds Trinity open its doors to the public for the very first time, with everything from buskers playing on the street, to designer Henry Holland's show. It was absolutely fantastic, and my images below (sorry for the iphone quality in advance) don't do it justice. I actually daren't take my proper DSLR camera in there, as it was literally HEAVING with people, you couldn't hardly move! It was estimated that around 100,000 people entered Leeds Trinity, and I can tell you now, it did not disappoint. 

As you see below, they have yet to open Victoria's Secret! EEK. Can't wait!! However, for the minute there's now a Hollister and other flagship stores and complex's to open up for the very first time outside London. Such as, D&D London, Everyman Cinema (a cinema with sofas!) Victoria's Secret and much much more.

As you may or may not have heard of, Jamie Laing from the reality tv show, 'Made In Chelsea' was also at Leeds Trinity, as he's recently opened up the 'candy kittens' shop which is proving to be quite popular. I sneaked a picture despite the busling crowd! I actually saw him 3 times today, first in that shop, second when I was in Yates - I was just nudging my mum and pointing like an idiot saying 'that's that jamie laing from Made in Chelsea!' and he happened to look through the window at that precise moment, and stared at me like I was a right weirdo hahaha cringe! The final time I saw him when he was at the opposite platform at the train station. (Swear i'm not a stalker haha!) SO weird seeing him that many times!

Oh, and the newest flagship store for 'Coast' were handing out free glasses of champagne. Why not?!

 Below are a couple of freebies I got given, unfortunately I didn't get in till about 2 hours after the opening time, hence the lack of goodies! Oh well!
I basically recieved Trinity Leeds leaflets which talks about the brand new 40 stores, resturants and bars all under one roof which spreads out across the city. There's also some hand-out to win a trip to Miami with Superdry, a Boots freebie and some Coast cards - i'll go into more detail about those two below.

Me and my mum were just casually walking around boots, and this guy who worked there just gave us a free reusuable carrier bag with this item inside! So, I was just like okay then, why not?! It was the 'Sinus Rise' starter kit, which i thiiink is for like your nose, perhaps when you have a cold. It says on the box you can use it for:
- Nasal allergies, dryness & Hay Fever
- Nasal Symptoms i.e. cold, flu
- Nasal irritation from animals, fumes, grass, pollen, smoke, dust etc
Basically it's stuff for ya nose!

Last but not least, the lovely ladies at Coast were handing out these cards to passers-by, revealing it to be a sort of lottery system. The three symbols that you had matched, would mean you're entilted to something. The three balloons one was £50 off when you spend £100, the champagne glasses was something like £20 when you spend £50, and the rings were £30 when you spend 100. Unfortunately I didn't get the other one, which was three crowns which meant winning £100! Oh well!

To end this post, I've recently teamed up with, which entitles you to 20% off with my username! just type in: hannahbriggs
 photo hannahbriggsbutton_zps4145db91.jpg

Freebies O' Clock!

 Hello lovelies! So recently i've been collecting heaps of freebies, either perfume samples from magazines, or tiny cute samples from makeup counters etc - so I thought why not share them all with you! I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting freebies! - I mean, who doesn't?! I'm absoutely in love with the Marc Jacobs fragrances, literally can't go wrong with him. However i'm not too sure about Diesel's Loverdose scent, it's a bit too strong for me.
P.S: please ignore my ever-so-short nails!

Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel - Clarins
RRP: £12.00
I actually really like this against most other brands, my skin has looked so much clearer since using it, and softer! Bonus.

 Daily Energizer Wake-up Booster - Clarins
RRP: £16.50

 The wake-up booster is perfect for those monday mornings where you just can't be bothered! I find it instantly 'wakens' me up, my skin seems to glow more afterwards.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - Benefit
RRP: £24.50

This was the foundation sample I received from the lovely lady at the Benefits counter in York. I got it in the shade 'ivory' which I assume is one the palest ones - however i'm not too sure about Benefit's foundation range. I did test it on my skin, and it came out really orange-looking, which I thought was kinda disappointed to say it was in the Ivory shade.

           In this image you can see the effect the foundation had on my  skin tone.

Here is the 'Elemis' moutrizer, which I got in the April Issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I find it actualy really soothing and fresh on my skin in comparison to most moursitzers,however the smell is rather too  strong and chemical-esque for me        

My daffodils have finally blossomed! Despite the horrible snowy weather in the UK, despite it's actually middle of march! These flowers a lil sign it's still spring! Hopefully April will bring some warmth!

 What do you think to my freebies? Got any that you think are a gem?

20th Liebster Award & Goodbye GFC:(

This is just a quick post to remind people, (as you may or may not know) that GFC - otherwise known as google friend connect is closing down effective from July 1st. :( Sad times!! So if you'd like to follow my blog, you still can via GFC or please do by using bloglovin' - here's the link:

Or you can just easily import GFC followers by using this link:

Thank you 

As to not end on a sad note, i've yet again been nominated by various different people for the liebster award! I can't believe it, i'm really happy that people actually enjoy my content. All together? 20 people have nominated me for the award! A M A Z I N G.

So, rather than answering loads and loads of questions, I thought i'd pick a couple of random questions - this is the first set of questions from

1.  Whats your favourite current trend?
2. Who's your style icon?
Lousie Roe/Kim Kardashian
3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Ryan Reynolds. Michael Buble. Ryan Gosling. Mmmm ma boys!
4. Favourite mascara?
NYC Colour Big & Bold
5. Last thing you bought?
Err. a pack of haribo? hahaha!
6. Night in or Night out?
7. Where is  your dream holiday destination?
New York/Carribean
8. Favourite Film?
Notebook/Love Actually/Bridget Jones
9. Favourite High Street store?
River Island/Topshop/Primark/New Look
10. If you could only choose one for the rest of your life... Eye products or Lip Products?
Eye products most definitely
11. What would you wear on a first date?
Simple yet classy dress and heels.

Last but not least, second set of questions from

1. Why did you make your blog?
For University
2. Who are your top 3 favourite youtubers? (if you don't have any then favourite bloggers)
Dollybowbow Grav3yardgirl
3. What is your most expensive makeup product?
Urban Decay Naked 2
4. What is your favourite brand of makeup?
Urban Decay
5. What is your favourite fragrance?
Marc Jacobs Daisy
6. Whats your favourite song right now?
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors!
7. Morning bird or night owl?
Night owl lol
8. What do you imagine yourself doing 5 years from now?
stable job, own place etc.
9. Whats your favourite asset?
no idea! my eyes?
10. Describe your style?
follow the trends
11. Who would you fangirl over?
Michael Buble.

Thanks for reading! x

Prom Dress For Sale!

Hello everyone! Ok, so I don't usually use my blog to 'sell things', and 2 years ago I wouldn't of DREAMED of selling my prom dress. However, now I feel like i've kinda grown out of it, both physically and mentally if that makes any sense. From being just 16 years old, to now being an 18 year old, I think it's time to move on! After wearing it just once for three hours, and it's been in a garment bag for so long, kept dust-free and pristine condition. It was originally quite expensive, and on ebay it's now at a very affordable price.
So, I thought that someone else may enjoy it!

If you want to take a look, or interested in buying it, you can take a look here at this link:


- Size 10
- By 'Forever Unique'
- It's a really unusual colour, sort of a greeny-blue aqua marine? and changes in different light.
- Sweetheart Neckline
- Embellished jewels/diamante on the torso area
- Cocktail Style Dress

What do you think to my prom dress?:) Thanks for looking!