Alice in Wonderland Shoot / OOTD

Today i'd organized an Alice in Wonderland shoot for my A2 photography exam - seeing as it's the middle of march I didn't expect any snow! But yeah, it snowed. However, despite freezing cold conditions and baring skin, It turned out to be a pretty successful shoot. The fact that the scenery was all snow laden made it look that little bit more mystical and strange, like why would anyone have a tea party in the snow?! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images - and I warn you this post is rather photo heavy!

You could call this a DIY project. I used an old, lace white dress from Yumi - which I think was like £45 - Yeah, safe to say I didn't pay for it! The blue ribbons I added for effect, because when I think of Alice in Wonderland, there's a little bit of blue. So i tied the blue sparkly netting around my waist into a bow, and the same for the headband.

Of course, it isn't Alice in Wonderland without the playing cards!

hahaha a 'behind the scenes' shot! Coat from Dorothy Perkins £80

      My dog as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! ahahah aww

Yeeeaah, I got a little cold after an hour! Hope you enjoyed my pictures!

What do you think?


  1. this is amazing! so creative xxx xxx

  2. Thats so cute! Good luck with exam x

  3. So creative and fun!!

  4. This is so cool!
    Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)

    Samantha xo | SamanthaLusts

  5. These are great! Weirdly enough I was part of an AIW photoshops for my friend's AIW a level project, I was Alice x It was so fun! The photos came out great too ( )

    Alice In Wonderland is such a great story <3

    Isabel Rose

  6. Aw I love how your dog joined in! I bet you were FREEZING hope all the photos turned out great :) xo

  7. This looks fab! You must of been frozen! Alice in Wonderland is one of my fave things!

  8. Just to say that I'm no longer posting on rachelsgonevintage I'm now on! (A joint blogger with my friend:D)

    Lots of love, rach x

  9. Love this great post hunn!
    I love the alice outfit you must of been freezing ! x

  10. These photos are so cute!

  11. I love the concept.. great photos!


  12. Nice pictures, i really love them!
    Your blog is awesome :) Already followed!

  13. Lovely photos, looks like you had fun and bet it was worth it(:

  14. I've nominated you and your blog for a versatile award!
    See my post here-
    Congratulations :) x

  15. CUTE idea!! Love that theme and snow so together it is just amazing

  16. You must have been freezing!

  17. Great share on the Alice in the wonderland shoot, I would love to learn this here now. You organized an Alice in Wonderland shoot for just an A2 exam, this is really pretty and beautiful, good post share.