March Favourites

Hello lovelies! Apologies for not posting for quite a few days, I've had lots of work to do! - However, now it's the Easter holidays I intend to be doing plenty more posts! Not only that, next week I shall be down London, which will probably result in a huge haul and some serious damage to my bank account! So, stay tuned for that! Anyway, seeing as March is coming to an end and April is fast approaching, I thought i'd do a little post on my very own 'March favourites' in terms of beauty products. 

      MUA | ELEMIS | NYC 

    I recently talked about the Elemis moisturizer (which you can see above) in my freebies post which you can read here. Although it smells rather chemicalized - if that's even a word! - It was so soft and great on my skin, especially for those with dry/sensitive skin like myself. Although mines a freebie, you can purchase it from stores and online for around £20 - or to make it easier, click here!

 This is the MUA blusher in 'shade 5' which I thiiiink was called something like 'dolly cheeks' - or something like that! It only cost £1 from Superdrug which is an absolute bargain. It's hard to explain, but it's soft of a peach-pinky/coral colour! Perfect for spring/summer wear. You can purchase it here.

 After getting so addicted to the price range at MUA, I then picked up a lipstick which was in the shade 9, and it's kind of like a pinky/nudey colour if that makes any sense! (I know, i'm rubbish at describing things!) This was also £1, fab! You can purchase it here.

Here you can see a swatch of what i actually looks like on my skin, in the sunlight it tends to look a little shiny/glittery!

I've raved about NYC Cosmetics for SO long, and I think only now they're just starting to actually get noticed! I love their mascaras, especially if you're a student or just on a low budget. These both come at around £3.99, and together they're insanely good. Although, it's not for those that don't want exaggerated eyes, you have to be careful when applying it so it doesn't look clumpy. Interested in NYC? click here if you are!

  Last but not least, the NYC eyeliners which I adored, but i'm starting to go off a TINY bit now, just because they dry up on the eyes far too quickly! However, for £1.99 you can't go wrong, it lasts a good few hours on your face and is a lot cheaper than buying other eyeliner products. As you can see, I did love it (hence why I have two!) 

What are your March favourites? Any beauty products I should look out for? Let me know!


  1. Elemis moisturiser is soooo good! Love the lipstick shade too :)
    Hope x

  2. I really want to try some MUA products - they look really pigmented for the price :)


  3. I agree about the NYC eyeliner, it does dry up quite quickly! Great post :)

    Clare xxx

  4. Might be getting that lipstick tomorrow - I love my darker pinky/brown nudes and at £1 who can complain haha?

  5. I have the cream blush version of the MUA blush and I love it! :) xo

  6. I like the NYC eyeliners so cheap and easy to use.


  7. I absoluetly love your shirt :) Love your blog - new follower <3 xxx

  8. Nice favorites! Wish we had MUA here in Canada!

    Would appreciate you checking out my blog!

  9. cool post! I don't have this brands where I live but i'd love to try them now!
    love from Italy
    XOXO May

  10. I love your blog so much. Its very informative and very well laid out. I happened to just stumble across it and I'm super glad that I did ! :)

    I have recent;y started my own beauty and fashion blog and maybe you could check it out if you get chance and maybe give me some feedback on it :) Thanks in advance if you do.

    xo Krystal-Marie

  11. I love your blog! great pictures!
    I follow you, now :)

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