Hello March! & New Youtube!

Hello loves! This is just going to be a short post to welcome the brand new month of March! I thought  do something new in turn, so I made a YouTube channel. This is kind of big for me, as i'm not usually the majorly confident type to actually properly start a Youtube, however - I thought just to go for it! This is also my first attempt - so please dont eat me! Although my webcam quality isn't massively fantastic, but if I get plenty of views then may invest in a good quality camcorder. Sadly, the 'TrustinVogue' username was apparently taken - damn it! So you can find my YouTube channel by searching for 'Therealtrustinvogue'. I HOPE you enjoy my video, fingers crossed if successful i'll post more! This particular video is just talking about what I got in the February haul which you can read here. Other than it just being images like in the previous post, you can see them properly in a video. Enjoy!


  1. Good video for a first attempt! I'm so proud of you for starting a YouTube channel! So brave, I always wanted to start one too, but I need to re-think that! I'm not that confident yet! Haha

    Btw. Can I ask you how you managed to link those fb, instagram, bl and email logos? I'm so confused how to go on about them! Waaah!


    1. Awh thank you so much! you should totally give it a go!:)

      sure, I did them through HTML codes - bloody took me HOURS to figure out! just go on carrieloves.com, and it basically explains how to do on there if that helps x

    2. Wooohoo! Thank you! Finally got it working! haha x

  2. Love your blog! Following you now! Thanks for following me too
    www.maiamaritzagray.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. great haul in youtube!! :D you're gorgeous!! :D

    have a good weekend!
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  4. Lovely haul xx you're so cool


  5. Well done on your channel, so cool!