Chinadoll Boutique.. Pastels Entry


Hey everyone! So I recently got contacted by - if you haven't checked them out already you can here. I did a little research, and they say "China Doll Boutique focuses on wearable, dainty and feminine pieces with a whimsical feel - think delicate little dresses in pretty prints and pastel shades teamed with chunky knits" - which is the reason why I LOVE them! They're dresses are super cute - especially the knits. 

The 'competition' was to style clothing with your favourite piece from China doll Boutique, and I chose the simple yet stylish coral dress, the reason being is that it's a beautiful garment that shouts hello spring/summer! Not only that, you can dress it up or wear it down. Other's that I chose involved mixing high-street fashion with designer brands.

For example, I chose a Marc Jacobs watch (cheeky, i know) which costs about £135, the Topshop satchel was £28 - which is ALOT better than paying like 60+ for one from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I also added in a trench coat for only £40 from New Look, Flat Studded Shoes in a nude colour from, Barry M nail varnish (come on, its barry m!) and last but not least, a lovely necklace from


  1. Love this outfit-and love pastels! You have an awsome blog which is why ive nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please check out my blog for more details (:

  2. Love your blog, i have nominated you for the Liebster Award , check it out :)

    Laura xx

  3. Love this outfit it is so pretty!That trench is so nice can't believe it is new look! x


  4. I nominated you for the Liebster award over on my blog


  5. You have a really cute blog! I've nominated you for a liebster award over on my blog, have a little look :)


    1. awh thank you so much, thats really nice of you:) x

  6. Lovely post, would love it if you checked my blog out xx

  7. Great blog! That coat is a classic and the dress is a really nice colour!

    The Beauty 101 xx

  8. I'm in love with pastels. Light pinks, peaches, and creams - definitely my style! :)

    xo, samantha

  9. love this outfit, i entered too! glad i found your blog, followed :) xx