Prom Dress For Sale!

Hello everyone! Ok, so I don't usually use my blog to 'sell things', and 2 years ago I wouldn't of DREAMED of selling my prom dress. However, now I feel like i've kinda grown out of it, both physically and mentally if that makes any sense. From being just 16 years old, to now being an 18 year old, I think it's time to move on! After wearing it just once for three hours, and it's been in a garment bag for so long, kept dust-free and pristine condition. It was originally quite expensive, and on ebay it's now at a very affordable price.
So, I thought that someone else may enjoy it!

If you want to take a look, or interested in buying it, you can take a look here at this link:


- Size 10
- By 'Forever Unique'
- It's a really unusual colour, sort of a greeny-blue aqua marine? and changes in different light.
- Sweetheart Neckline
- Embellished jewels/diamante on the torso area
- Cocktail Style Dress

What do you think to my prom dress?:) Thanks for looking!


  1. Awh, it's so pretty! Absolutely love the colour!xo

  2. Was this your prom dress for year 11? :) I love how it's a short one xx

    1. yes it was, back in 2011 aha:) yeah it's really different! xx

  3. Beautiful dress and absolutely love the colour!

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  5. Wow, the dress is amazing! :) To bad I don't have anywhere to wear it..
    xx, Siri
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  7. So amazing blog! I love the green prom dress.
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