Pros + Cons Of Ordering A Dress Online

Hello fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! As you can guess by the title, I wasn't entirely happy with a purchase I made a couple of weeks ago, online. What I bought, was the 'Fiona/Off The Shoulder' body-con dress in Cobalt Blue from I bought it as a 'night-out dress' for a friend's birthday, also seeing as i'm a student and a bit short of money, I turned to (You can see it on their webpage here).

The details of the item for it said "Work off the shoulder shapes to embrace the ‘90s look.
Off the shoulder styling is back in a big way, and this jersey dress is a cool way to work the trend. It has a wide, off the shoulder neckline and is constructed in a stretch jersey fabric. This dress is a mini length and form fitting style, with no zips or fastenings." 
Yes, the dress itself was a lovely colour and that don't get me wrong, however there are plenty of cons to it as well. The fabric itself felt cheap and poor quality; I know, I shouldn't complain seeing as it cost just £12, however due to's reputation, I expected a lot better standards. 

As you can see, the dress itself didn't fit nicely or suit my 'hourglass' shape very well.


What i'm going to mention is a couple of pros and cons (just to be fair/neutral!) of this dress, and buying online! 
Pros of the Dress:
  • Lovely unusual colour in Cobalt blue - really makes you stand out.
  • Fantastic price compared to high-street stores, just £12!
  • Love the off-the-shoulder detailing effect
  • Fast delivery, arrived well on time (Ordered it on Friday, arrived on Tuesday)
Cons of the Dress:
  • Poor quality
  • Cheap Fabric
  • Didn't fit nicely in the right places AT ALL
  • Kept riding up all night!
Pros of Buying Online:
  • Quick and Easy
  • Reasonably Safe
  • Promotional Codes online to get it cheaper
  • Getting all excited for your parcel to come in the post!
Cons of Buying Online:
  • You don't actually get to see the dress in person and inspect the quality
  • You don't get to try the garment on beforehand (in this case, my dress)
  • Delivery Charges
  • Not always Safe

I'm SO embarrassed to even put the drunken bar photo on from Yates in York, but I thought I would show you guys what it ACTUALLY looks like in comparison to stick-thin models parading it on the website - (no offense This dress on a normal size 10 girl? It made me look like - pretty much a blue whale haha!

All in all? A bit of a let-down from - hopefully this will be the last! As I do love them alongside missguided, and many others.

What do you think to this fashion disaster? haha! Let me know!

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  1. I've also had a bad experience with BooHoo. The dress I ordered was a size 10, a size bigger than I am btw, and let just say I couldn't breath in the dress as it was so tight! I think they're sizes are off tbh as my friend always orders from them and has never had a bad experience x

  2. Oh no! I've been looking at ordering a dress online for my birthday recently since I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I've been so worried that this would happen! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I guess it's good that the dress didn't cost any more!

  3. I always have the same problems with dresses. Most of them have quite unflattering cuts, which makes me buy more lose fitted dresses - but it's getting boring. :/
    Thanks for this helpful posts. I totally agree with you when it comes to online shopping. :)


  4. I got a lot of dresses from ASOS, some of them are poor quality or don't fit right, but having bought so many with them, I now usually know what cuts suit me and what the fabric will be. They also have a great free returns policy (on top of free delivery), where if I don't like it, or it doesn't fit I just pop a pre-printed label on the original bag it came in, and take it to the garage down the street and send it off via click and collect!

    I've only ever bought one thing with boohoo so I can't really say much about their quality/sizing!

    Corinne x

  5. Beautiful dress!I like your blog. What about following aech other?

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the dress, the blue really suits you! :) I'm your newest follower too, would love it if you returned the follow. Lucy xx

  7. Oh no! It's always a bit hit and miss buying on line. I try to avoid it if I can because I like to see and feel the product before I buy it ha :) dx

  8. I really do find online shopping hit and miss i really need to learn to return stuff as well! However waiting for something to arrive in the post is soo exciting!
    Now following

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