Meet Matt Dixon & Focus Photography..

Hello fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies alike! I thought i'd do something a little different today, and that is to introduce you to my good friend, Matt Dixon - who is a photographer. Yup, and a really good one too - without being too biased! Focus Photography is the name of his little establishment and he also actually has a blog - which I'd LOVE if you could all go check it out! and his website at

Doesn't this look like a professional photographer took this? Well no, Matt and his camera did! Pretty impressive, huh? These were actually taken at Lapland, to capture the Northern Lights. Personally, I think the images are absolutely beautiful and crystal clear. What more can you want?!

This is also an image he actually took of myself last year, and yeah; he does fashion photography too as well as landscapes guys! Nothing better than a multi-tasker photographer:) He's available for shoots and you can also buy images from him if you contact him.

This isn't in any way a form of advertising, I just think my friend thoroughly deserves some recognition for his work and followers on his blog!

Thank you!

Matt's Website:

Twitter: hannah_briggs
Instagram: hannahbriggs_


  1. whaaaat these photos look so sick- amazing! xx

  2. Wow! These are amazing photographs. He's a very talented young man!
    Amy xx