BATTLE OF THE BALMS!! MUA, Clinique, Revlon...

Hello m'lovely Trustinvoguers and new'uns! So I FINALLY collected a few of the chubby stick style lip balms, which i'm absolutely loving at the minute. That is, the new 'MUA Power Pout', 'Clinique Chubby Stick' and the 'Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain'. They're so easy to just slide on and wear through the day, and actually last for a while too! They're hydrating, moisturising and pretty. What's not to like?! 

  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - £7.99
MUA Power Pout - £3.00
Clinique Chubby Stick - £16.00

I think the Revlon 'Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain' - (WOAH. bit of a long title!) is my top contender. You can actually feel it stinging your lips, which I suppose is a good sign!

It does last for the majority of the day, and it's the second cheapest one coming it around £7.99 from Boots which you can see here.

 I picked up the best colour out of the lot in my opinion to wear daily, which was 'Honey'. I was SO tempted to pick up Lovesick too, but maybe next time!

Next up is the famous Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm which kicked off the chubby stick frenzy! Don't get me wrong, I really like this due to the colour (which I got in 'curviest caramel'') and how moisturizng it is, however the bad side to it.

 is that it does only last for 2-3 hours max before wearing off, whilst I find the others tend to last a lot longer at a cheaper price. You can get the Clinique Chubby stick for about £16, which you can check out here.

My love for MUA is endless. They've recently released the new 'Power Pout' chubby stick balm, which is of course, a dupe for other two from Revlon and Clinique. I absolutely LOVE this - not even exaggerating!

 It's so pigmented, and lasts for literally HOURS - even a lot longer than the Clinique one which is surprising! The cheapest balm at just £3.00, it's an fab bargain.
I got this in 'Broken Hearted'. Take a look here!

What do you think to the Chubby Stick Balm frenzy?
What's your favourite Brand?
Let me know!:)

Hannah Briggs
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  1. I always wanted to try the Clinique ones, the shade you have is gorgeous. xoxo.

  2. These are gorge! :)

    Kelly xo

  3. I've been so tempted to pick up the one from Clinique as it's the only one available in Denmark, but I just find it a bit expensive unfortunately. x

  4. The MUA one looks amazing! And it's the cheapest. I don't think I've seen anyone say anything negative about MUA. x

  5. Oh wow, the MUA one looks great. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey is my favourite beauty product I've tried so far - I hope to pick up some more colours when in the UK next months... and I will definitely have a look at the MUA Power Pouts! :)

    Lovely post! xx

  6. Wow! I have absolutely to buy the MUA one!
    Timeless Mode

  7. This is such a fab idea for a blog post - I don't think I've seen someone do a direct comparison with all 3 before :D I had no idea about the MUA ones but definitely will be getting one (some) now :D

  8. Wow the MUA one looks really good, I'm always really impressed with their products! I really don't think you can beat them in terms of value for money :) xx

  9. Very pretty :) i really like the red shade x

  10. Love the MUA shade and outcome just the right pink tint x

  11. would love to try the MUA one.. it's defo my fav colour out the three xxx

  12. Love this. Those colours look so nice!

  13. Such a beautiful colours! I'm so impressed, wow! : ) Great post : )

  14. lovely colours. i yet have to try a chubby lip stick!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? let me know :-)

    - Janine

  15. nice blog!

  16. I love the MUA Power Pouts :)

    Now following :)

    Nyss x