Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Hello fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! I'm toning it down a little today to post about something a little bit different. That, is the fabulous COSMOPOLITAN BLOG AWARDS!
Literally, it's my dream to get short-listed, let alone win an award!

Next cosmo blog awards 2013

So here's the thing.

I would LOVE IT if you could vote for me in the 'Best Newcomer' category, as my blog is just under a year old (started in November 2012) - you can vote for trust in vogue here:

OR, you can vote for 'Best New Fashion Blog' here:

I just want to thank all my readers who follow me, and new followers!
You guys are just awesome, and spur me on to blog more!
If you'd like to see my blog win an award or get shortlisted,

Please vote for 'WWW.TRUSTINVOGUE.COM'

Thank you!


Hannah Briggs
Twitter: hannahbriggs_
Instagram: hannah_briggs


  1. It's so nice! And you have a great blog! : )

  2. Great blog! Really like it :)


  3. congrats :) and good luck!


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  5. congrats hun!