Hello Trustinvoguers and newbies! I actually didn't think I'd be posting today, as I'm SO busy with my photography work and revision for exams starting next week (eek!), however I've got time to squeeze in a litte 'Outfit of the Day' post for you guys. Part of my outfit is actually brand new - aaaah, love new clothes! - and is actually part of my collective haul that i'll blog about soon. So you can think of it as a sneak preview!

Leather Jacket - Zara // £40
Pink Blouse - Republic // £20? (old!)
Black Vest Top - New Look // £2.99
Pants - TK Maxx // £14.99
Gladiator Sandals - ?
Eagle Necklace - Clothingloves.net // £7.00
Sunglasses - New Look // £2.99

I was kinda torn about these pants - they're so beautiful! Yet I wasn't sure if I would be brave enough to wear them. However, I thought I'd just go for it and take a gamble! I literally never wear anything even the slightest bit outgoing for casual day wear but for once I wanted to be different. These gorgeous floral print/hareem style pants are baggy and have an elasticated area which pulls in at the bottom of the leg. They're from a brand called 'Miss Jolie' but I picked them up at TK Maxx - what a find!

What do you think to my outfit?
And these wacky floral pants?!
Let me know!

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  1. I love the trousers! So pretty :)


  2. Great outfit!
    Feel free to check out my blog too:)


  3. cute pants girl!
    & your banner looks fantastic.


  4. what a cute look! we love those trousers! peachy tones really suit you!