Primark Haul! June 2013

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! As promised from my previous OOTD day & night post, i've got a Primark haul for you all! Lately i've been absolutely loving Primark, it's become so much more on trend with it's clothing and accessories alike - not to mention keeping it's bargain prices! A lot of people have also been saying that the quality of the products have improved vastly, in terms of how the fabric now feels on certain items, etc. Which can only mean good things! Hopefully due to the improvement of their products, that it doesn't bring higher prices. However, Primark have also launched themselves onto ASOS - a massive move for them due to them always pushing away the 'online competiton'. Perhaps they've realized they may benefit from online shoppers? But i've noticed that they do charge a pound or two extra on the website, in comparison to Primark stores - so keep that in mind! We can all say though, British highstreet shopping wouldn't be the same without good old Primark.

Without me jibbin' on too much, I'll get started with my haul! First off, I'll start with the smaller items - hair accessories! I'm a big fan of making my hair look good with the odd accessory, such as delicate floral headbands, cute ribbon clips or the odd donut for a simple ballerina bun. Without paying Topshop's extortoniate prices, Primark offer pretty good things. 

Floral Crown/headband: £3.00 (I think!)
Donut: £1.00
Ribbon Hair Clip: £3.00

Next up, are the famous Primark rings. A pack of four or five rings for £3.00? Yes please! I bought this pack (one's missing - oops!) which consists of aztec triangels and detailed imprints.

       I then saw this necklace and fell instantly in love with it. For another bargain price of just £3.00, I just couldn't say no. I love the blue design and metal silver tassles coming off it, brilliant casual statement necklace. Beforehand, I spotted this beautiful bag in Primark. Now, i'm a bit iffy about buying Primark bags, because in the past i've had them break on me within 2 minutes! But this one surpsied me. I'ts HUGE inside and can hold lots of items without feeling too heavy. It hasn't caused any problems for me at all since i've had it, all in all? it's a strong, fashionable bag! I personally love the little gold plated detailing near the handles - perfect touch. This cost me just £12.00.

As you may or may not have seen from my last OOTD day & night post (you can see it here) - I also purchased this pretty coral dress for just £12.00. I'm a sucker for floaty dresses which are easily to slip on and style it with pretty much anything. With this dress, you can go bare leg, tights, heels, flats, leather jacket, denim jacket you name it! It goes with pretty much anything. I also love the fact that it has a detailed flower crotched bit along the waistline, which actually enhances your figure in my opinion! The other Bikini item cost just £4.00. Yep, you saw that right! A full bikini set for just £4.00! That's absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I also looooove the floral colourful/weird/pattern it's got going on! Primark also have other £4.00 bikini's stocked such as aztec ones and leopard ones! I'd be quick though, because I bet these are going to go like wildfire.

Next up is one of my most FAVOURITE items possibly ever bought from Primark. Wow, pretty special? I'm so in love with these floral shorts, it may be borderline weird. Although they're a little on the short side, they cover the bum cheeks so it's all good! I feel so lucky to have snapped this up, because they go so quickly! Well, for just £4.00 why wouldn't they? Such a cheap buy and great for lounging about the house, sunning it in the garden or taking them on holiday!

Last but not least, is my favourite item of the month! My boyfriend's mum spotted this adorable pillow in the homeware section of Primark, and bought it for me! How cute is that doggy though!? and it's kinda funny too! A dog with glasses? y'don't see that everyday. A fun, weird pillow case is a great additon to my bedroom, if any room! I'll definietly be taking this to Uni in September.  

 You can buy small pillows like these from the Primark home section for just £4.00 in lots of different shapes and styles. I hope you enjoyed my Primark haul!

For more information about Primark, feel free to check out this website!
What did you think?
Do you have any of the items that I bought?
As always, let me know!
Love, Hannah xoxo

Hannah Briggs
Twitter: hannahbriggs_
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  1. Primarks great recently, love the pillow it's adorable! x

  2. Love the bag! Can't beat a good primark bargain hunt :) Their bikinis/swimwear are great too, I bought loads there for my holiday last year!

    Ria x

  3. Love the bikini! Such a cute post!

    If you have the chance, please follow me: - I love your blog!

    Chloe xx

  4. love reading primark hauls as it's hard to know what they currently have in store because they don't have a website. great post! cute shorts :) xx

  5. Love love love all this, especially the floral headbands and shorts. You have a great blog!(:

    Sierra xx

  6. I have that cushion it's so cute!!! and I love the bikini, I always go to primark for bikinis because they're so cheap and I only ever wear them on holiday! xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I'm going this weekend to Primark and seeing a little bit what's in stock was very helpful. xx

  8. Love the floral shorts so much. They are just so cute for summer :)

  9. Everything is so awesome, LOVE that pillow hahaha :)That would definitely be something I would buy! :)
    Penny Rose

  10. I fricking love that pillow! 100% gonna have to get and get that!
    Now following :)
    Jess xo

  11. I love the cushion- so cute!

  12. Love the rings! Great post! :)


  13. These things are soo cute, I have to visite primark again, too! :)
    Your blog is very cool by the way - maybe you visite mine, too?

  14. Love the floral prints!! So great for summer!!

    I followed your blog!! Check out mine??

    XOXO ♥ Kia

  15. awesome!

  16. I love the pillow its so quirky!

  17. I absolutely love the bag and cushion! Primark have such amazing bargain finds :) xxx

  18. Great Post
    Love the pillow I had my eye on it in the store
    A few days ago will have to go back and get one
    Rachel X

  19. I love Primark for bikinis and the dress is lovely! :)

    Heather xx

  20. Truly wonderful collection dear...loved it!!!

  21. I so deseperatly want those floral shorts and i cant find them, you're lucky hehe :)
    Katie x