Holiday Series: I've Returned - With News!

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! I've finally returned from my lovely holiday in sunny Malta! Unfortunately I left only baring gifts for family members rather than baring a tan, as my milk bottle skin just won't take any of that! Oh well! I loved every minute of it, even if i did come back the same skin tone as i left! I shall be doing a couple of posts about my holiday such as OOTDS, my top must-have holiday products, and much more, so expect some of that soon. Tweet me and let me know what you fancy seeing from me! (hannahbriggs_)

Without going on too much about Malta, I would just like to share some news with you all. Trust in Vogue has been shortlisted in the top ten for 'Best Newcomer' in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! ARRRRGH! I literally screamed, cried, you name it. I just thought, what? really? out of 43,000 entries, my blog got shortlisted! All thanks to you guys, so I would want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has voted for me, and supported Trust in Vogue right from the start of last November. If you would like to see Trust in Vogue win the Best Newcomer award, please click on the link below, select TRUST IN VOGUE and submit! It just takes up a second of you time and it would mean the absolute world to me. Once again, thank you so much!!

Anyway, without me jibbin' on too much and being a soppy old sock, here are a few holiday snaps for you all to have a nosey at, whilst I get back into the routine of blogging after my long week off! Enjoy!

This is what I woke up to every morning!

Mixture of rocky and sandy beaches, love it!

 this picture doesn't do it justice!

 You can definitely tell i'm the milk bottle of the group!

 Me being me.. haha! As you can tell, I'm having a really good time on holiday!

The beautiful 'Blue Lagoon''! It literally looked so amazing and crystal clear.

What do you think to Malta? 
Have you been there before?
As always, let me know!

PS: tweet me at hannahbriggs_ with the hashtag #fbloggers or #bbloggers to tell me what kind of post you would like to see from my holiday!:)

Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

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