Winner of my 400 Followers Giveaway + Instagram Update!

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! Just a quick post to say thank you for all the entries, i'm so surprised at the sheer amount of people that entered, I should of done more prizes! However, I'd like to congratulate Amy from 'Little Koala Blog' who has won! Well done Amy.
Apologies from having the past 5/6 days off from posting, I've been so busy as I went down south to see my boyfriend in ESSEX. However, I'm back now, to good old Yorkshire. Instead of just apologizing for my absence and if you don't follow me on Instagram already (hannah_briggs), I'll just update you all with a couple of pictures from my past week!

1. Where else would I find these beauties other than a Primark?!

2. Cambridge! So pretty.

3. I loved this hairstyle! Good hair days are the best days.

4. Early train mornings. A moth kept me company. A total Kodak moment!

5. The Leeds Trinity shopping centre has this. So I thought why the heck not?!

6. My greatest achievement to date.

What do you think to my Instagram images?
Have you been up to much this past week?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love, Hannah xoxo

Hannah Briggs
twitter: hannahbriggs_
Instagram: hannah_briggs


  1. Hey beautiful! Love that hairstyle and the colour of your hair is gorg. Well done on passing your driving test too! Did you see the flamingo glasses in Primark? Haha, I want those!


  2. Well done on passing your test! I have mine next week and I'm pretty doubtful i'll pass first time but fingers crossed haha x