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Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! Apologies for the delay in posting, I have been well and truly bombarded with uni work,contracted the flu and tried to keep an ongoing social life. It's fair to say my blogging has suffered - and this NEVER happens. So, apologies over and done with, I have a review for you all! Bornpretty ( contacted me a few weeks ago, asking me to review one of their watches. Now, I already own my precious Guess watch that my boyfriend kindly purchased me last Christmas - yet, unfortunately it doesn't obtain any numbers. I'm one of those people that needs numbers on a watch to read it properly - I can't estimate! Therefore, when this opportunity to pick a watch from their range cropped up, I couldn't resist choosing one with massive jewel encrusted numbers on to tell the time. When i'm dashing about Uni or at Work, I can easily just check it without having to squint at minuscule numbers or estimate because there aren't any. This is the watch I chose:

The watch is a 'Weicai' Quartz make, and I personally love the style of it. The rose-gold watch face really adds to it's beauty, and I just generally love a good old massive watch. The straps are of course, adjustable with holes to fit your wrist size, and the straps come in red, brown and black. I decided to be different and go for the black, because of the Winter hues and tones. Although I wish I did go for the Brown, I'm not regretful as I already have my brown/gold Guess watch and I wanted something different. The only negative thing I would have to say about the watch, is that the strap looks a little shiny, and you could say it has a 'plastic' look to it, but after getting used it and testing it out, It's literally barely noticeable. All the attention goes on it's beautiful face.

 Out of the wide range choice that I had to chose a particular watch, this one definitely stood out to me. It looks so much more smarter, unique and expensive-looking. The stylish design of it is very modern, the rose-gold feel to it resembles that of a Michael Kors watch that everyone goes crazy for. Why not go for a cheaper, yet beautiful alternative? 

You can see below the general size of the watch, it fits most people as I mentioned before. Plus, I've noticed that It's very comfortable to wear, which was a really nice surprise. The band material is leather, and the dimensions of the length is Approx: 22.8cm. and the width Approx: 1.9cm.Overall? I really like this watch. I enjoy wearing it. It's a beautiful, simple - yet effective - fashion statement. It really jazzes up an outfit and stands out, I've actually had a quite a few people point out to me that it looks 'so pretty' and 'where I got it from'. Which shows, it must be good!

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