Christmas Outfit! | Favourite Purchase Of December

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! I wanted to share with you my most favourite purchase of the month. That is, these GORGEOUS embellished, sparkly shorts from River Island. I feel really lucky to actually get my hands on this, as it almost sold out immediately. I only managed to get it as I work there, and staff are allowed to put items on hold for the day. Yippee! It was £40, however it recently went down to a promo price of £25 - amazing! I think these beautiful shorts are just perfect to pair with some warm tights and boots, perfect for Christmas Day or even New Years Eve.        

I actually wore these shorts on a night out with the Fashion girls from my Uni Course, and everyone actually complimented them! That shows something eh?! I can fully say that I'm absolutely in love with them, and totally glad that I bought them, a definite good purchase! I really like how it isn't just plain black beads and sequins, it has a subtle mixture of blue and black - and it looks really lovely together. Not only that, they're also slightly high-waisted, which I love as it makes them comfier and hugs your figure in all the right places.

 closer look at the detail of the shorts

Here are a few images of me wearing them!

shameless selfies with a bottle of rose! haha

 I can't see it online anymore, however it should still be available in store whilst stocks last. These gorgeous embellished shorts with beads and sequins are £25 if you get your hands on them! As I said, PERFECT for Christmas Day or New Years Eve. I paired the shorts with a simple black, slouchy top. As there was so much going on, on the bottom half of what I was wearing, I needed to make it plain and pull it all together on top. Hence the plain black top! I also added my watch from, and a few odd rings from none other than good old Primark.  

What do you think to these shorts?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love, Hannah xoxo

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