Huge River Island Haul! | December 2013

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! I apologize for the sheer lack of posts this month, as there's been the crazy Christmas hectic schedule, and not only that, I was silly and left my DSLR Camera up in Newcastle (uni). However, next week I shall have it back and will (fingers crossed) be blogging more frequently like I used to! Anyway, today I've got a Youtube video for you guys - it's my HUGE River Island Haul. As you may all know, I absolutely LOVE River Island (and I'm not being biased just because I work there!). I hope you enjoy it, and please don't forget to 'thumbs up' if you liked it, and Subscribe!! Thank you.

You can check out what I bought from
What do you guys think to what I purchased?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love, Hannah xoxo

Hannah Briggs
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  1. Hey there :)
    Your blog is so sweet! I've just recently come back from a break and have started up my blog again with a new theme...come check it out :)

    Love x

  2. i love river island, some of their clothes are so nice! love the post! Just to let you know i'm following you on blogger/GFC so i'm if you can follow back too? thankyou! xx