Topshop Night-Out Dress! | Life Update

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! Seeing as it's been a while since my last post, I thought I'd update you all on what's going on with my life at the moment. It's starting to get pretty hectic again with Uni flinging work left right and centre, with even less time to complete them! Then I work on weekends, so as you can see, it's been quite difficult to make some time for my blog. Don't worry though! I have plenty of posts and videos lined up for you all. I'm also going to NEW YORK in 10 days!! So expect plenty of NY themed posts too!  Anyway, I'l leave you with a few cheeky night-out photos before all the work started! (Mainly because I want to show all of you my new dress!)

Restaurant Meal at the Slug and Lettuce | OOTD

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! I hope you're all well. I know I'm not after 2 and a half hours at the gym. That's a lot for someone who hasn't been since they were 15! But on to that another day. Life is definitely looking up at the minute. I FINALLY got my hands on the Iphone 5s after lusting after it since it's release, and since my Iphone 4 (rubbish, not even an 'S' in there) finished in October. I'm also jetting off to New York with my Uni course for NYFW in 2 weeks!! How exciting!? I've been so busy sorting everything out, that I forgot about my little blog for a week or so. But no fear! Expect plenty of Vlogs in NY, Hauls, and more! However, on to the post of today. That is, my OOTD! I went to the 'Slug and Lettuce' restaurant in Newcastle upon Tyne which is on the Quayside. Let me tell you this, this restaurant is amazing. They are dotted around the country, and I've been to the one in York a few times - but it just blew me away. They're also offering 50% off your food bill throughout January, which is like, wow. If you're a food lover like me, get on it! I ordered Italian Style Chicken,white wine and Garlic Sauce, potato wedges and peppers. Mmm. Just make's my mouth water even thinking about it! 

What's in my Makeup Bag? | JANUARY 2014

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! In what seems like forever, I have decided to do a blogger favourite, 'What's in my makeup bag' post. Also, these products are pretty much what I tend to use everyday, so it's sort of my 'everyday makeup' rolled into one as well! Ok, so first off, some look a little tatty-looking, but they're just well-loved, and have been used, as I say, every single day! That Includes base/face, eyes, and brows - I haven't included 'lips' because I'm saving a different kind of post for that. My makeup bag is actually from Home Bargains! A complete snatch at just £4.00. I love anything floral, so this cute pink makeup bag was just perfect for me - especially for the price!

Boxing Day/January Sales Haul!

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! It's that time of year again. Red signs in every shop window, crazy shoppers and above all else - DISCOUNTS. I'm talking clothes, furniture, accessories, etc! Everyone knows that between Boxing Day and pretty much till the end of Janurary is the time for the crazy sales. I went shopping for the first time ever on boxing day in Leeds, and it was MADNESS. A girl banged into me, thought it was my fault and screamed her head off. Another woman got jumped on by Security in House of Fraser for stealing, and some fainted in Primark. Literally. It was absolutely mental, and usually I can't shop when it's that crazy. However, during the coming weeks I did find a few bits here and there, and it's just sort of a collective haul of them all! First of all, I'll start with the fab Primark

I absolutely adore this Floral Peter Pan collar top, it's perfect for the transitional stage from Winter to Spring, and also the collar can be used in various ways for layering with jumpers. I'm not usually attracted to some floral prints, as they can look tacky. But surprisingly I LOVE this, it's just subtle and cute. It's also very vintage-looking, and I'm also loving the white edging on the sleeves, which just cuts it up a little bit. 

 Shameless selfie alert! and also excuse the uni poster haha! This is a full-on shot of me wearing the top, I find that I love wearing it most with my cream cardigan from River Island. I do warn you though, this top is very sheer and you have to wear a skin coloured vest top underneath it. That's the only slight downside, and Although this top wasn't discounted, when I saw it I knew instantly that I just HAD to get it. It was only £8.00, and I wasn't going to miss out. My heart necklace is from H Samuel. 

As you can see, I'm getting pretty obsessed with all things to do with Peter Pan collars! Again, I love this item, it's a staple piece, you can wear it with almost anything and for any occasion too. Not only that, I find these black and white Peter Pan collar tops look really smart and trendy, perfect for someone who wants to dip their toe into the fashion world without dressing too over the top. Like the one above, this also cost me just £8.00. 

Although I didn't buy this next item myself, I did get it for Christmas, and it's from Primark so I might as well include it! I got given these gorgeous Disney Minnie Mouse slippers. I absolutely adore them, they're called 'cosy socks/slippers', and they're so fluffy inside it's unreal. I love wearing them, especially at Uni when it gets so cold and your tiny radiator is rubbish! These cost around £2.00/£2.50.

 Ever had a homeware addiction? Yet in Cushions? Well, I think I do. I find that I keep wanting to collect more and more cushions/pillows for my Uni Bed. Soon enough it'll probably end up being covered in them! I bought the pink, fluffy heart cushion a while back - probably around October time. I loved it and used it as a pretty good headrest for a few months, as Uni don't have the luxury of having a head board! I then saw the white one, and I knew I just HAD to get it to match my other one. So I did! Both of these cost £3.00 each.

What is it with me and collars on tops?! Haha definite obsession. I picked up this beauty from River Island, for just £12.00! How amazing is that?! I thought it was a right bargain, to say River Island are quite expensive and I believe this top was at it's original price too. It was rather lucky that I spotted it actually, it was just sort of hanging there on it's own, I looked at it expecting it to not be my size or be expensive still or not even in the sale (as it's reasonably new in) - but no! Miracle. Was my size, and was in the sale! I couldn't pass on that! 

These two are the last bits that I picked up to date. The one on the left is from none other than Dorothy Perkins. I know what you're thinking. Dorothy Perkins?! Isn't that for old women!? NOPE. Let me tell you this, I didn't expect to see such nice clothes in there, and I saw the camel coloured shift dress with black leather lining. I just thought it was really different, and looked ultra-smart. Not only that, that colour is bang on trend right now, especially for the Spring Season. It cost me just £12.00. I also picked up this lovely purple/burgundy coloured long jumper from New Look for just £11.00. It was an absolute bargain, I needed some new jumpers and I didn't really fancy buying some poor quality ones from Primark. This hits the nail on the spot, it was cheap in the sale, and it keeps me warm - bonus!

 What do you guys think to what I got?
Did you pick up anything nice in the Sales?
As always, let me know!
Lot's of love, Hannah xoxo

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Christmas Goodies | 2013

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! I thought I would do a 'What I got For Christmas' haul, yet I thought 'Christmas Goodies' sounded much better. Just a quick and usual disclaimer, I am in no way bragging or anything like that, and I'm so grateful for what I got. Instead of taking the bog standard pictures with some captions stating what they are, I decided to do a Youtube video instead and venture into that a little more. Also, I would LOVE to hear what you guys have got for Christmas! I'm so excited to say this, because it's been my dream since I was 11/12 years old. No Joke. Next month I am going to 

I literally can't believe i'm actually going after dreaming about it for so long! I'm going with my University fashion course, and staying in Times Square. How cool is that?! However, as you may or may not know, a trip to New York can be extremely expensive, so that was my main present from my parents. Which is understandable of course! But anyway, just had to inform you all on that, I can't WAIT and I will be sure to do plenty of blog posts about the trip when i'm there. Anyway, on to the video! I hope you enjoy it, and please if you did, give it a thumbs up! Also Subscribe if you haven't already. Thanks!

As always, what do you guys think?
Let me know, down below!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

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Benefit Watts Up Highlighter | Review

Hello m'fellow Trustinvoguers and newbies! Happy new Year! I can't believe it's 2014 already! 2013 has truly FLOWN by. Talking about New Year, one of my New Years' resolutions is to try and blog much more often, as since October my blog has been rather neglected with only a few posts here and there, due to University work. However, I'm determined to make a much better effort with my beloved blog. So expect more posts at least weekly! Today i'm going to be reviewing the much loved and raved about, 'Watts Up' Highlighter by Benefit. I was a little bit skeptical about buying this, purely because of the £24 price-tag. However, my parents kindly got it for me for Christmas! The next on my hit list would be the YSL Touche Eclat (I'm rather behind, I know!). The only highlighter I have previously used is L'oreal's Lumi Magique Highlighter which is around £7.99. But, I wanted to stray away from high-street products and try something a little more higher end. After all, it's going on my face!