Outfit of the Day, at the Top of the Empire State

Ever tried doing an 'outfit of the day' at the top of the empire state? gale force winds and all? I have. It was a mixture of amazing views and wind-swept hair. Because it's New York, it's sort of the norm to look like that. Especially when it was below freezing with crazy snowstorms! Also, please note: It's difficult to look 'fashionable' when you've got probably a gazillion thermal layers on to keep your body temperature reasonable moderate. The whole week mainly consisted of jumpers, thermals and jeans! But of course, jazzed up a little bit with a few accessories here and there. 

Here are some rather 'flattering' images of myself being blinded by the sun. But hey-ho! - all in the name of fashion! Because we were doing mainly a lot of walking that day doing tourist-y stuff and shopping, I decided to keep it quite casual with my outfit choice. This River Island coat  (£80 - no longer available) was a life-saver in the weather conditions. Although I could of done with a slightly warmer one, you'd have to go for a ski jacket - and that's not very fashionable! The leather material made it durable and waterproof against the rain, and it's also a comfy fit which is always encouraging. 

Without going on about the boring layers and thermals underneath, I simply put on this gorgeous fluffy pink jumper from TKmaxx, which was an absolute steal at just £14.99. Always a great place for your bargains! Although fluffy (or otherwise known as the eyelash material) can be quite itchy, I would definitely recommend wearing a long sleeved top underneath! It kept out the cold, and ensured I didn't have red arms afterwards! My black jeggins are from the new 'Molly' range in River Island, which fits you beautifully and are the most comfortable things ever (£35).

My furry over-sized headband is from Next, which I kindly got given by them at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards late last year. It was perfect for New York style - not so much for the dreaded weather!

I also wore this old necklace from Primark SS13 Collection. I really like this, as it has a bit of embossed colour which really makes the outfit 'pop' a little more. Not only that, I love the pastel colours within it, and pastel is always big when it's coming into Spring/Summer nearly every year. 

What do you think of my OOTD at the top of the Empire State?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

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  2. OOTD at the top of the Empire State, needless to say I'm jealous! You look lovely too, I love the furry hat!

    Lindsey. x


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