Swimwear365 Behind-The-Scenes Shoot!

I've been wanting to write this post for sometime now, but due to the latest SS14 collection being highly top-secret, I had to keep hush about it! But now, it's officially out! - A few weeks ago I was kindly invited by Swimwear365.co.uk (you can check them out here) to look at their new Swimwear range during a photo shoot for their website. It was based in Leeds - and it just happened to be the time that I was visiting back home in Leeds from Newcastle - so off i went to the studios!

Ps Print Studio London | Polaroids Review

I've always wanted to own a set of Polaroids, filled with great memories to look back on. Ever since I can remember, I've always loved taking a picture - even more so when you used to take a disposable camera to the nearest shop to get it developed. The excitement and the thrill you get out of waiting to see what the images turned out like was so much fun. My older cousin used to own an instant Polaroid camera back in the '90s, and as a kid I always wanted to have a go on it, just to see the photo instantly pop out. I never got the chance - until PS Print Studio (Based in London) kindly asked if I would like to review their products*! Of course I said yes.

An Afternoon By The Quayside... | OOTD

When it's a sunny day in Newcastle? It's a trip down to the Quayside to enjoy that rare piece of sunlight. Although it was rather windy - you can probably tell with my crazy hair - It definitely felt like Spring was in the air! With all the workload from University piling up and exam season looming, it is definitely a must to just take a step back, get rid of all the stress and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation | Review

Ever wanted to find that perfect, everyday foundation? Well I've found mine - and that's in the form of Makeup Forever's HD Foundation. I picked this up whilst I was staying in New York from one of the millions of Sephora's that they seem to have on nearly every street (not that i'm complaining!). Now, as you may or may not already know, this foundation has been HUGELY hyped up and widely spread already among the blogosphere. Yes, the likes of 'Kim Kardashian' claims its her fav, and apparently even the fabulous Eva Longoria wears it. When I heard this, I just knew I wanted to try it out and see what all the fuss was about - and I'm so glad I did.

 I got it in 'NC115', which is the second lightest shade in. I always tend to go for this colour, as it's not too pale or too dark for my skin tone. Especially seeing as Spring/Summer is coming up, I wanted to put some colour back into my face without looking like a cross between Casper the friendly ghost or a fake tan barbie for that matter! I'm also loving the sleek black/white packaging, it looks very high-end to me, and It's great that it actually has a pump. Other foundations such as NARS that have a similar (if not more) price range don't actually have one, which is really annoying. I just personally can't stand foundations that don't have pumps because I end up using too much on the back of my hand! So thumbs up there Makeup Forever.

The consistency of it is brilliant, it's not too thick but it's not too thin either if that makes any sense! It's almost watery but when blended in it's a dream. Texture wise, the word 'smooth' tends to come to my mind. It just blends so easily in to the skin, especially when I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. You can see quite closely in the image below the colour difference between the shade and my skin tone, hence why I normally tend to stick to the lighter side of a foundation range!

Makeup Forever describes this foundation as an 'Invisible cover foundation' and it 'combines flawless coverage and an extremely natural finish' which I couldn't agree more with. This foundation definitely looks really natural on when it's been blended into your skin, and it's a few hours into the day. It tends to turn matte on the skin after a few good hours and it lasts practically all day without primer which is amazing. Obviously if you're going from College/Uni/Work into a night-out with friends, you're better off re-applying some because it won't last THAT long. (Obviously! - I Wish!)

OMGFashion.com | SS14 Press Event

Hello loves! I've been so busy lately running up and down the country in trains, taxis and whatever else that I haven't had much of a chance to blog! But when I was kindly invited to OMGFashion.com's SS14 press event I just couldn't say no. So a few weeks later, I popped on a train to Manchester, and managed to take a zillion photos (including video clips! - the video will be up on Youtube this weekend). The event was held at a great venue - The Milton Club - which looked amazing. It also happened to be full of half naked men, breathing fire and standing on stilts. Yep. The music was my ultimate party playlist (the likes of Justin Timberlake and Nelly why of course) and the champagne was flowing. Did I mention there was canap├ęs too? Definitely my kind of night!

New York Fashion Week

It's finally time for a NYFW post. I know it's late. But it's better late than never! During my stay in New York, I had to head on over to fashion week that was occurring at the same time. It's just amazing when you see bare-legged people kitted out in the designer pieces with snowstorms going on. But that's just fashion for you! The shows going on at the time of these images were the likes of Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs just to name a few. The Lincoln center was bustling with plenty of bloggers and photographers, wanting to capture the amazing street style that was going on. I even got interviewed by Yahoo for 'The Thread'! I truly believe anything can happen in that city. Anyway, here are my images of what I took of the Street Style that was going on at the Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Get Your Free Phone Case! | Wrappz.com

Are you obsessed with decorating your phone case? Ever since I was younger, I would always buy stick-on gems and rubbish like that from the local market and just go crazy with my phone. These days - who's kidding? I'm pretty much still the same.  I use my phone all the time, who doesn't?! So the phone's got to look the part too! I'm forever searching for floral themed cases, but I couldn't ever find the 'one'. So when Wrappz.com asked me if I would like to design my own case and review it - it was the perfect chance to personalize my case the way I wanted it to look like. The choice offered was either a skin or hard shell case. I opted for the hard shell case, as I personally think they look better. You can design your own following by clicking here. Below is my design!

A Walk in Central Park... | OOTD

Central Park in the snow is pretty special. Even more so when there's no one around except for you and your friends. So I thought, hey, why not do an 'Outfit of the Day'?! After all, it's not often a small-town girl from England get's that chance. The place literally looked like a winter wonderland, and every corner we turned reminded me of a movie - the singing Amy Adams in Enchanted, Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin meeting with the pigeon lady - it was almost like walking on a movie set that was open to the public. and all those other classics! I wanted to photograph every inch we looked, but unfortunately my camera's memory card couldn't take that much pressure! So I opted for the best photos - and bought another memory card! 

Here's a few cheesy/typical touristy snaps of me whilst being casually blinded by the sharp winter sun. Fabulous. 

Coat: River Island
Scarf: Primark
Gloves: Miss Selfridge
Thermal Leggings: Primark (ultra-glam, I know)
Boots: River Island
Bag: River Island

Unfortunately you can't see the grey jersey dress (Miss Selfridge) that I was wearing underneath, this is because it was impossible to take your coat off in -13 degrees! However I do have another post due with me wearing it, so rest assured you shall see it at some point!

 What do you guys think to my OOTD and Central Park?
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Hello m'loves! Today I've got a very special kind of haul for you all. It involves lots of souvenirs and makeup. That's right, it's a NEW YORK HAUL! I'm so excited to you show everything that I got whilst I was other there, and I hope you enjoy the video! Please give it a thumbs up/like/subscribe or even leave me a comment if you're feeling adventurous! 
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