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Are you obsessed with decorating your phone case? Ever since I was younger, I would always buy stick-on gems and rubbish like that from the local market and just go crazy with my phone. These days - who's kidding? I'm pretty much still the same.  I use my phone all the time, who doesn't?! So the phone's got to look the part too! I'm forever searching for floral themed cases, but I couldn't ever find the 'one'. So when asked me if I would like to design my own case and review it - it was the perfect chance to personalize my case the way I wanted it to look like. The choice offered was either a skin or hard shell case. I opted for the hard shell case, as I personally think they look better. You can design your own following by clicking here. Below is my design!

I do absolutely love the case, it's really me with the floral pattern and my second name also imprinted on there. However, as you can see, the image that I chose does look slightly pixelated on the case - this is most likely my own fault for not choosing a better quality image - so when it's your turn to design one, make sure you do that! But I still love it all the same, and have been using it pretty much everyday since I got it.

 Now here's the exciting bit. Want to own your own phone case/skin design? Or simply choose a ready-made one? Wrappz are kindly offering Trustinvoguers a FREE phone case with the voucher code:freeskin
- how amazing is that?! All you have to pay for is postage which is around £2.50. Absolute steal if you ask me! You can choose if you would like a case, skin, a ready made design from the website or you can design your own - all for just the postage fee. Whatever your style, get a phone case to match it!

What do you think to my design?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love, 
Hannah xoxo

Hannah Briggs
twitter: hannahbriggs_
instagram: hannah_briggs
youtube: trust in vogue


  1. this phone case is soooo lovely...such a pity I don´t live in the uk :( your blog is pretty amazing btw!thanks again for adding me!

    1. thank you! they do deliver outside of the UK!:)

  2. What a fab idea!! Case looks gorgeous. Definitely gonna check out the site. I actually broke my case yesterday so this has come with perfect timing!! xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

    1. thanks! it's fab getting to design your own :p xx

  3. does the code work for iphone 5c cases? xx

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  5. wow what an amazing offer! x

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