New York Fashion Week

It's finally time for a NYFW post. I know it's late. But it's better late than never! During my stay in New York, I had to head on over to fashion week that was occurring at the same time. It's just amazing when you see bare-legged people kitted out in the designer pieces with snowstorms going on. But that's just fashion for you! The shows going on at the time of these images were the likes of Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs just to name a few. The Lincoln center was bustling with plenty of bloggers and photographers, wanting to capture the amazing street style that was going on. I even got interviewed by Yahoo for 'The Thread'! I truly believe anything can happen in that city. Anyway, here are my images of what I took of the Street Style that was going on at the Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

me being interviewed!

What do you think to the Street Style in NYC?
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  1. That must have been amazing!! Got some fab street style shots xx