I never thought that I would see the day of me actually buying leather shorts, let alone wearing them. Leather that isn't in the form of a jacket just isn't really my thing. Even though leather has been a hot trend this past year, with it being splashed about with monochrome - I never really dared try it. Until one day, I thought hey, why not try them on just for the sake of it as they were on sale. Sale's do really change my judgement on clothing items! I don't usually wear shorts, as they don't normally suit my body shape and I just generally feel unflattering in them. Yet, these particular leather ones changed that....


Ever see something and instantaneously think, I NEED it? That all things were aligned perfectly in the universe to see that one special item of clothing in that moment in time? Ok, maybe a bit OTT... But that is exactly how I felt when I stumbled across this cold-shoulder beauty on the River Island website. For the very reasonable price of £25, you can't exactly go wrong. I've always been on the search for a cut out dress with a '90s vibe. Motel rocks offer some pretty similar styles, however I didn't see anything that I fell in love with.  This particular cold shoulder, t-shirt style dress was a tricky one to track down. But I finally managed to get my hands on it, and i'ts time to share it with you guys!


I am obsessed with moisturizer. It's a part of my skincare routine that I simply can't live without. I've used the likes of high-end Elemis to the cheaper, high-street version of Simple. However, I have never branched out to unknown brands or other alternatives, until now. Monu Professional Skincare offered me the chance to try out their firming moisturiser, and I was excited (if hesitant) to try it out. Read on to see my results...


 I've always wished for long, luscious hair that even Rapunzel herself would envy. Well, maybe wouldn't go that far! Ever since I got the typical bob chop back in 2005, my hair never grew back to how long it originally was - which was past my bum! Such a mistake. I tried it all. Hair masks, regular cuts, you name it. Sadly, none of it has worked for me. So, for years I have been using hair extensions. I've tried a wide variety of brands, from the online empire that is and other, local markets. I recently gave up on them, as I grew tired of how heavy they felt clipping onto my roots all day long. However, when kindly offered to send me their full-head clip-ins, I thought i'd give them another try...


Sometimes, we just need to escape. This week I took a trip to Scarborough with my family, just to take some time out from Uni and other general life stress. I find being by the sea is really calming, and just what I needed - to get some fresh salty air in my lungs! Whilst I was there, I decided to take the opportunity of the beautiful scenery, and of course, do an outfit of the day post for you all. It was surprisingly sunny and mildly warm to say it's early April in England. However, it made the day even better. Who doesn't love warm sunshine, fish n' chips and the British seaside?