I've always wished for long, luscious hair that even Rapunzel herself would envy. Well, maybe wouldn't go that far! Ever since I got the typical bob chop back in 2005, my hair never grew back to how long it originally was - which was past my bum! Such a mistake. I tried it all. Hair masks, regular cuts, you name it. Sadly, none of it has worked for me. So, for years I have been using hair extensions. I've tried a wide variety of brands, from the online empire that is and other, local markets. I recently gave up on them, as I grew tired of how heavy they felt clipping onto my roots all day long. However, when kindly offered to send me their full-head clip-ins, I thought i'd give them another try...

 I used to love getting new hair extensions. When they would blend into your own hair colour beautifully, the soft feeling and even the smell draws me in. These particular ones are made with remy human hair, and are a full-head set of clip ins. The number one rule with hair extensions, is that you MUST get a full head and have remy ones. Otherwise, they look thin on your hair, yourself and others (cringe) would see the clips - and let me just say, that aint a good look. At first sight, I really liked the way the hair extensions from Dirtylooks were presented. They were neatly packaged, wrapped in netting with associated leaflets and a pretty silver box. I even got a lollypop! Nice touch. I already ate it though. Oops! Here you can see the hair extensions, all wrapped up in the netting! (Hence why you can see a load of white funny lines in the close-up).

 One of the key things that I personally look out for in hair extensions is the ends. It's the ends of them that tell you how in good condition they are in, the quality etc. I was pleased to discover that these HK hair extensions from Dirtylooks looked pretty much, flawless. They had been cut correctly, with choppy, natural-looking ends that don't fray or split off immediately - which I find most from other retailers do.

The colour that I chose was the 'Paparazzi Highlighted' which is a beautiful, multi-tonal blonde. As my own hair is pretty much got loads of browns and blondes in at the moment, I thought this shade would suit best. I love how you can see in the sunlight and dark of how the hair fibers really shine without looking too fake or overpowering. To me, the extensions look healthy and that subtle shine just makes for the perfect hair. Although these hair extensions are on the pricey side at £99.99 (exc P&P) they're pretty close to what other online retailers charge, and in comparison, are so much better. As I have said earlier, I have tried LOTS of brands over the years, and DirtyLooks is definitely up there with my favourites. For the quality, it's an acceptable price range. As I always say, you get what you pay for - and in this instance, it's certainly true.

 Here are some before and after shots! The image to the left is of me with my normal, thin and medium-length hair. The image on the right is the hair extensions. BIG difference in my opinion. Having long hair just makes me feel so much more confident, and that's exactly what have given me. The length that I chose was the 20-22" ones, (180g) as I didn't want them to be too long or too short. If you want long hair without looking too much like a Rapunzel twin, then that's the perfect length to choose.
 As the hair extensions come in different size wefts, (10 to be exact) it's important to make sure they're put in right. What I was thoroughly impressed by, was that Dirtylooks already have the wefts numbered, so you know where to place each one. There's also a little diagram in their mini booklet which also assures you do it correctly with ease. Once you've placed the hair extensions in and blended them, you can style them how you would do your own hair. As these ones are quite thick, they're easily adaptable and fun to play around with - here are just some hairstyles that I quickly did.
 What do you think to these HK Hair Extensions from
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  2. Looks great! I couldn't tell that you're wearing hair extensions :) I never felt the need to wear them, idk, just never thought of it ;)
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  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEIR EXTENSIONS, I've had every hair extensions imaginable and honestly you can't get anything better than them! <3


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