I never thought that I would see the day of me actually buying leather shorts, let alone wearing them. Leather that isn't in the form of a jacket just isn't really my thing. Even though leather has been a hot trend this past year, with it being splashed about with monochrome - I never really dared try it. Until one day, I thought hey, why not try them on just for the sake of it as they were on sale. Sale's do really change my judgement on clothing items! I don't usually wear shorts, as they don't normally suit my body shape and I just generally feel unflattering in them. Yet, these particular leather ones changed that....

The River Island shorts aren't too tight/figure-hugging or too baggy either. They actually 'cling' in all the right places, without making me look unflattering. Especially because I have an hourglass shape, it's difficult to create the illusion of a smaller figure. However, I find that black is super easy to work with, and if you're like me, where you're uncomfortable wearing tighter clothing or leather, it's best to stick with dark or neutral colours that don't expose you wrongly. Did I mention they were only £15 in the sale?

I style the shorts with my striped off the shoulder top, otherwise known as the 'Bardot top' on the River Island website. Although I can't seem to find it anymore, I did manage to find similar ones in black and white which you can see here and here for just £16. I love how well these two separate items compliment each other, I wouldn't ever have thought to place them together until I saw them styled next to each other in the shop. The black and white stripes from the top add something a little bit more to the plain black shorts - yet the texture of the leather also stands out. I would also wear a black blazer to match this outfit with - as I think a black leather jacket would clash too much with the shorts.

 I also wore my all-time favourite necklace with it. Although it's slightly old now (well, a year nearly!) it is still a show-stopper. This statement neckalce (also from River Island - I think I have an addiction to the place) was £20 reduced massively to just £6 lately in the sale. I adore the emerald green colours which really pop against any outfit. I could have had this outfit plain without any jewellery, however, I always need a necklace to feel complete. Although it is a little bit too long for the neckline of the top, It just adds a little bit of subtle colour to the outfit.

What do you guys think to this OOTD?
How would you style leather shorts?
As always, let me know!
Lots of Love,
Hannah xoxo

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  1. I really like the idea of leather shorts, but I'm not sure how it would look on me. You look amazing!

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  2. Love the shorts! My friend has that necklace and it's stunning. I love it! xx

  3. Super cute! I love leather shorts!!

    <3, Pamela

  4. They really suit you love how you've paired them with a stripy top it makes them seem more day wear I'd be worried I'd overdress them I have some leather trousers that I never seem to wear (as they look dressy x

  5. You look lovely! Thanks for the follow. Following back.

  6. I absolutely love that necklace!

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  7. Fabulous styling! I follow you now with GFC and Blog Lovin and hope you'll connect with me!
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  8. Very beautiful outfit ;) Amazing shorts!

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  9. I wasn't sure about leather shorts at first either but I love how you've styled them! x

  10. loved the outfit :)
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  11. I love this look, I have leather shorts and never really know what to wear it with but this outfit is gorgeous!

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    Chloe xx

  12. I love your outfit hun and that necklace is gorgeous! Got a bargain <3

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