I am obsessed with moisturizer. It's a part of my skincare routine that I simply can't live without. I've used the likes of high-end Elemis to the cheaper, high-street version of Simple. However, I have never branched out to unknown brands or other alternatives, until now. Monu Professional Skincare offered me the chance to try out their firming moisturiser, and I was excited (if hesitant) to try it out. Read on to see my results...

I actually really liked the soft-coloured packing, which was rather minimal yet it works. It is concise and to the point, delivering exactly what it says it does and what's in it. Monu states that the product is a "comfortable cream to smooth and soften." I can certainly say that it does both soften and firm my skin, making me feel awakened and refreshed. I also love that you can really tell that it has lavender oils within it, as the essence is obvious yet subtle.

 Although I will say that it's not overly positive, as the product did go slightly in my eye and I found it quite irritant. However, although that happened, that does happen with any product to be fair if you get it in your eyes. Once it has been washed out with water, it is fine. Otherwise, I have had no problem with Monu Skincare's Moisturiser, and it's worked perfectly fine for me. It's now used as an everyday staple of my skincare routine, normally after the shower when my skin is rather dry.

 What do you think to the Monu Firming Moisturizer?
Would you ever try Monu Skincare products?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

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  1. Sounds great, shame about it getting in your eye though! I have oily skin so this probably wouldn't work for me unless they have another version x
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  2. Ouch that must of hurt getting it in your eye! Ive heard some good things about Monu, but I've never tried them!

    Belle ♥
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  3. pretty nice blog, following :)