Kim Kardashian is like marmite. You either love her, or you hate her. Myself? I don't judge. I simply choose Fashion! Now, if you've been living under a rock you would have heard about the Kimye dynasty going on - otherwise known as the 'wedding of the century'. Everyone's been scouring the internet for the latest tweets or leaked pictures of the main attraction - the dress. The whole fashion world has been trying to guess what designer the bride chose. Lanvin? Seemed an obvious choice as it was the dress she wore on the controversial cover of Vogue magazine. However, some thought she would opt for Alexander McQueen, as she wanted to copy Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding down to every last detail. Whereas, others thought Kim would pick Balmain....So, what did she choose?

The dress was actually made by the couple's close friend, Ricardo Tisci - otherwise known as the creative designer for Givenchy. The Haute Couture mermaid-style gown featured an open back, lace-looking sleeves and a huge veil which flowed behind her. However, when it was time for the wedding Reception, she changed her outfit to a Balmain mini beaded dress full of pearls and embellishments. These images below picture Kim in the wedding photobooth, being careful and clever not to show off the majority of her outfits. All you can see up close is the neck-line, with delicate and intricate pearls being present on both. Personally, I much prefer this dress to the strapless one she wed ex Kris Humpries in back in 2011. The Givenchy choice is sophisticated, elegant and classy. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the rest of the official photos!

What do you think to the Kimye Extravanganza?
Do you like Kim's Fashion Choices?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. I think this dress was WAY better than her dress when she married Kris Humphries. It looked way more her! I can't wait to see the whole Balmain mini!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Great post, love them so much!

  3. Great post - the first I've actually read about the Kimye weddine - the dress is lovely.. not sure about the sleeves though!

  4. I love the dress from the back but i'm not to keen on the front, i don't like the neck/shoulders very much. She looked stunning though. As much as i hate to admit it i've been looking forward to the photos for ages haha.

    Keli xx

  5. I thought she looked absolutely stunning! Her dress was beautiful!


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  7. Really not fussed about the couple themselves, hard to judge when I don't know them personally. That aside I think her dress is stunning, you can see that classic Givenchy tailoring through it though it definitely looks like inspiration was drawn from Kate's dress.

    Lovely post, I wasn't aware of the details about it.

    x Claire

  8. I love love love everything I've seen so far of the wedding, and i'm not ashamed to admit that i was definitely swept up in all the anticipation leading up to it!

    Kim killed it in each and every one of her looks in the days before the wedding and her dress was absolutely the cherry on top of a slew of stylish looks!
    SinĂ©ad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  9. great post, this is the first photo of her dress that I've seen! I love it- such an original shape X


  10. I think the dress is stunning!