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Sometimes, I get tired of my dull, flat and lifeless hair. As my usual style is almost poker straight, I wanted to try out new styles for the Summer. As if by magic, Remington kindly offered to send me their latest innovation - the 'Silk Waving Wand'. Now, I know what you're instantly thinking. Oh, what's so special about it? It's just another curling iron. That is where you are wrong. It is so much more than just that. Compared to other brands such as the highly coveted Enrapture, Nicky Clarke and Babyliss, Remington have truly excelled themselves and are set apart from the competition. Read on to find out why I'm so hyped up about this product...

First of all, I was really interested in the shape of the wand, as it's elliptical, it differs widely from other barrels that I have previously used, and I find it also differs the wave/curl effect. It has a 3D design on the actual wand, with it being ceramic coated - which allows for glossier and effortless waves to be created.

I personally found this wand super easy to use, as there's just 3 main buttons. A turn off/on button, a - and + for temperature. It can't be much simpler. Also, the screen is digital which shows you a numerical value of what temperature the wand is currently at, it goes up to 220 C. 

Overall, I really enjoy using this hair tool, as it's easy to use, and it gives life to my lifeless hair! I love the bouncy and effortless curly waves it gives, without looking too much or ringlet-style that I find most wands tend to do. The Remington Silk Waving Wand is available to buy for just £34.99 - which is a complete bargain compared to other brands such as Enrapture. You can check out all other details here. 

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  1. great post...that sounds like a great curling wand and it looks interesting :)