June is nearing it's end, and we all know what that means. Yes, the height of Summer, but it also means it's festival season! It's time to dust down last year's kimonos (or buy new ones!) grab a floral hair garland and enjoy the live music. This year will be my first festival - and I'm SO excited! I will be going to V Festival on the 16th of August, and I can't wait. As you can probably tell, I'm already styling my festival outfits! I think I've picked the best year yet to go, as my childhood love Justin Timberlake will be prancing about on the headliner stage doing his swooning, and then favourite Bastille will be rocking it out - best of both worlds! I want to look good, but be comfortable and not too sweaty or cold at the same time, because who knows what the great British weather will deliver! This is a three-part series of different outfits that I have chosen for my festival antics....
Not quite sure what I seem to be doing here... probably daydreaming?! This is my DIY floral hairgarland, which you can re-create for yourself in just under £3! You can read all about it here.

Ok, so these images were actually taken just today. The reason being? I couldn't wait to show off to you all my latest fashion find in the Topshop sale! That is, this beautiful aztec-print velvet/cream kimono. Yep, you read that right! A trendy kimono in a summertime sale?! I bagged this beauty for just £42.50, when it was originally £60. I saw it hanging in the midst of random clothing, and only just noticed it because of the fringing tassles at the bottom. I immediately clicked what it was, and grabbed it before anyone else had the chance!
I was disheartened at first to discover it was a size too small, but in actual fact, it surprsingly fit me perfectly! My luck was in.

I think it's just perfect for festivals, as it's super flow-y loose material is really comfortable and easy-to-wear with pretty much anything. My plain off-white strappy cami goes perfectly with it, as they contrast against one another. Mine is from River Island, at just £14 which you can see here.

Detail on the tassels....

My dog Luna wanted in on the posing for pictures hehe!

My shoes are the classic white high-tops, All-star Converse, which you can see here for £48.

My distressed light-wash shorts are VERY old from Republic, (hand-me-downs, not ashamed!) and were actually boyfriend jeans in a former life! I'm definitely in need of a new pair though, I'm thinking Levi's!

What do you think to this 'Festival Fever' inspired outfit?
Would you wear any of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. I'm going to V-fest too! I'm literally sooo excited, I went last year and enjoyed it and so now I'm doing the whole weekend with some friends - Lovely outfit xx


  2. Wonderful look - love all these flowers in photos, just amazing! And of course looove the kimono, adore everthing with fringe!:)