Kendall Jenner. The biggest upcoming name in the fashion world. At the age of just 18, she has already  modeled for big names, such as Chanel and Givenchy, to attending shows with the one and only, Anna Wintour. She has been compared to the likes of Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss. So, who better to choose to kick off my celebrity style series? Get the look! I already have a series (ways to wear..) but I decided to just branch out a little bit more in to the world of celebrities and fashion. This particular look of Kendall Jenner's is super easy to re-create for anyone; all you need is the key 'ingredients' such as the white blazer and the ripped jeans. Who doesn't want to look like Kendall? Especially without the Chanel price-tag!

I personally love this outfit, ripped jeans and white blazers are both, individually, massively on trend right now - and together? They're the dream team! Kendall's white blazer is very similar to my mine, with the structured shoulders and the way it's tailored to go in and out at the front section. Almost like a tuxedo style. My blazer is from high-street retailer H&M for just £24.99 which you can see here.

 My beloved (and newly obsessed!) ripped light-wash denim boyfriend jeans (phew! that was a mouthful!) are from River Island for £40 which you can see here. These are the ashley style, which are super similar to Kendall's as they're really distressed at the front, with the jeans becoming more frayed and lighter. Not only that, her particular jeans aren't ripped enough to see her legs - they probably have patches sewn underneath for that 'ripped-but-not-really-ripped' effect!

 My white court heels are a complete bargain for just £19.99 from New Look which you can see here. Although Jenner is wearing metallic shine shoes, I don't actually own a pair - yet! So I opted for these classic white beauties which still do the outfit justice. I am also wearing an exact replica of Kendall's simple black cami, along with the v-neckline as well. This particular one that I am wearing is from River Island at £12 which you can see here.

  What do you think to this Kendall Jenner inspired look?
Would you wear it?
As always,
let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. I just posted a picture wearing a white blazer too , I can relate she has good style , and definitely wears things I would wear . lovely post .

  2. I really like this look! You did an awesome job of re-creating it! I'm going to be a full-year student teacher next year and I think I could re-create this look with jeans that aren't ripped! Easy!

    I love your blog! Your design is so simple, yet elegant! :)

  3. I like the combination as well. It's chic & trendy without being too basic. :] // ☼

  4. It looks really good, smart but causal and could be worn for all most ant occasion. It looks lovely on you, and beautiful blog.

    Gaby x

  5. Great post! I love Kendall's style. Her style looks fantastic on you, too! :)

  6. you look great!
    please visit me in free time:)

  7. You totally rocked the look hun, and I love how you recreated it :)
    I love New Look <3

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  8. Wow, this outfit looks really good on you! The jeans are simply faboulous!
    Great great outfit!

    Kisses and hugs,