Recently, I've been wanting to change up my look, go for something different and just rebel from the 'normal' looking me. So, I thought to myself, what is the best way to change? I instantly thought of my hair. However, I do love being a blonde too much - so when Hairtrade kindly sent me these light pink, clip-in hair extensions - I was thrilled. An opportunity to look different, without it being permanent. The 'quick-length piece' is super easy to apply, and It instantly blends into your hair for that dip-dye effect, it mixes perfectly into my blonde locks without looking too fake or tacky - which is always a plus! I just really like how it looks very subtle, and the length match is perfect.....


Miss Cara D has been on the lips of most fashionistas, she's struts her stuff at almost every high-end fashion show (Burberry, Mulberry, Chanel...) and is pretty much besties with Karl Lagerfield. At the age of just 21, British model Cara Delevingne has taken the fashion-modelling world by storm, some say she is even reaching the heights of Kate Moss. Her fun-loving personality is so infectious. No wonder Topshop chose the budding star to become their face of their latest A/W campaign - solo! She acts as the perfect leading lady for the job, and it's easy to see why....


Hi guys! I did something a little bit different this week, I filmed a '25 facts about me' video, and I would love it if you could check it out! There's some interesting stuff in there about me that you may not know, and I thought it would be something different and fun to do from my usual fashion-based posts. If you enjoyed the video don't forget to subscribe to my channel here, and give the video a big thumbs up!

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Dog-tooth. The print always seem's to be coming back around, and i'm not afraid to admit that I love it. It's a super cool pattern to wear, and it's definitely very eye-catching! These cigarette trousers are from Topshop, and I first noticed them on the mannequin at the front of the shop - they immediately caught my attention. Which is always a good thing. Tailored and flattering, they are perfect to wear from a long day at work to cocktails on a friday night! They're really smart and fitted, but it's so easy to pair them with different tops and jackets to create different looks for a wide variety of situations.....


British Brand Marchesa are returning to London for a one-off show at London Fashion Week this September. The highly-anticipated move will have fashion enthusiasts and socialites clambering for a front row seat, as this is going to be special one. Usually, they're based in New York City, and always hold their shows full of extravagant show-stopping dresses at NYFW. However, to mark their 10th anniversary, the luxury label have decided to go back to their roots and showcase their Spring/Summer 2015 collection in London. Designed by none other than Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig, they will no doubt provide an injection of glossy glamour to the hectic LFW Schedule, that I'm sure all will be looking forward to see.....




Another day, calls for another outfit post - why, of course! Today, is all about this gorgeous, tailored navy play-suit that was kindly sent to me from clothing label, Wal G. Until recently, I haven't heard that much about the label, in fact, I only first started seeing it crop up within the Topshop concessions section, alongside the other favourites such as Oh my Love, Love Clothing and Rare. However, Wal G's products looked different, they looked smart, flattering and super cool - which is hard to find! I personally love how you can dress this particular play-suit up with a statement necklace and a pair of heels because of the V-neckline crossover, but, you can also go casual and get away with wearing it with tights, boots and a classic leather jacket. The possibilities ane endless because of it's plain navy colour and simple, subtle design....


I love anything with a floral pattern on, shirts, dresses, trousers - you name it. So, when Sugarhill Boutique kindly sent me this gorgeous botanical blouse, I was over the moon. The off-white number has vibrant watercolour-effect florals scattered all across it, and it looks beautiful. This blouse reminds me of something from Zara, as the quality feels amazing. When I first saw it neatly folded in the transparent packaging, I thought it would have that horrible crinkly texture that cheap blouses and shirts usually tend to have. But I was pleasantly surprised, as it felt silky and comfortable when i put it on, and for £38 it is well worth every penny.... 


Sometimes, we just need to escape - and I definitely needed to this week. That is why I've been a little bit off the radar, just to clear my head and get back on track. Inspired by Zoella's post from last year, I thought that it is really important to take a time-out and to get away to de-stress every now and again, otherwise you just wouldn't function properly. I find that the most calming place on Earth, for me, is by the sea, and one of my favourite places is the sandy Yorkshire beaches in the North of England - more specifically - Cayton Bay. I've been coming to this little undiscovered-by-tourists area for years, and I love how it looks so beautiful and untouched....


British fashion is always world-renown, unique and diverse - it is the one that I most look forward to out of all the main capitals during Fashion week. Every once in a while, someone new comes along and re-ignites that creative spark that people in the industry love. That spark takes it's form in fashion's latest heroine, that is Claire Barrow. I feel like Claire deserves a mention on my blog, as not only is her work extremely fascinating and successful, I also did one of my University modules on her work. She's best known for her trademark of painting on leather jackets and turning something old into something, well, new! Her grunge-meets-floral persona within the work is so different, and is probably why it's proven such a popular hit. She has even designed for the likes of Rihanna, which since then, has seen her work sky-rocketing...


Hey guys! I've decided to do a massive giveaway for all of you lovely people - if you're a new follower or old, and have been with Trust in Vogue since the beginning, this is for you! This is just to say thank you. When I created this blog in 2012, never in a million years did I think I would get so much out of it - the enjoyment, the blogging community and especially all of the amazing opportunities that have come with it. For example, getting shortlisted this time last year for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards (out of 46,000 entries may I add!) was pretty crazy - and mainly down to you guys! The last time I did a giveaway, I had just hit 400 followers, and I was pretty astounded. Today, I have a combined following of over 1,600 of you on both Bloglovin and GFC! So, as a big thank you all these great products could be yours!
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Gingham print isn't something that I would usually go for - in fact, I would normally shy away from it - just because it's so different and, well, out there. However, on my lunch break from work I was wondering through a couple of shops until I saw it. The moment when I finally caved to the fashion trend, and it was this beautifully fitted two-piece from Ark Clothing. If you haven't already heard of Ark, then you should! Originated from Leeds (my hometown!) Ark is gradually expanding their retail chain and becoming more and more popular. They've probably been right up there with my favourite high-street stores for years, and I love how they stock such versatile and stylish clothing - but hate how they're so underrated! Fellow fashion bloggers and readers, go check out my worst kept secret! You can see Ark's website here. As I was saying - Gingham? It's definitely got a '60s vibe to it, and I always wanted to find the perfect two piece that wasn't as smart-looking as my Topshop co-ords, which you can read all about here. This gorgeous set, however, stood out from all the others that I've looked at - simply because of how it fits, (and looks!) and for £40 it's well worth the money. I can see myself wearing it with wooly black tights and my leather jacket during the colder months in the UK, so it serves pretty much all seasons....


Hi guys! I thought I would do something a little bit different and personal, compared to my usual dream-like wishlists and outfit of the days! So, I decided to do a wardrobe tour / how I store my clothes! Now, it's nothing too fancy or overly exciting such as a walk-in wardrobe with a secret compartment for all your sunglasses and jewellery like in the Princess Diaries (although, that would be awesome!) but it's just where everything goes that you see in all the pictures. From blazers to shirts, dresses to kimono's - I've got quite a collection slowly beginning to build up - and whilst I'm at home from Uni with a proper wardrobe - I thought it best to show you now, what it all normally should look like! I have also done a Youtube video on this, which you can see more clearly and goes into a bit more detail, which you can see here.