Miss Cara D has been on the lips of most fashionistas, she's struts her stuff at almost every high-end fashion show (Burberry, Mulberry, Chanel...) and is pretty much besties with Karl Lagerfield. At the age of just 21, British model Cara Delevingne has taken the fashion-modelling world by storm, some say she is even reaching the heights of Kate Moss. Her fun-loving personality is so infectious. No wonder Topshop chose the budding star to become their face of their latest A/W campaign - solo! She acts as the perfect leading lady for the job, and it's easy to see why....

The clothes don't wear Cara, she wears the clothes -and makes them look pretty darn amazing! My eyes were immediately drawn to the image of the parka, because I thought to myself "that looks nice, cosy, practical..." but, seeing Miss D wear it gives it a sense of glamour and exclusivity. She makes it look 100x times better than it already is, with her signature bushy 'brows blending in with the inside fur-lining.

It seems like fur is going to be a big-hit this Autumn/Winter, and I especially love this fur coat that Cara's rocking. I don't know about you, but this is going straight on my wish-list alongside the 'practical-yet-glamorous' khaki fur-lined parka. She was styled by Topshop's creative director, and former Vogue fashion editor, Kate Phelan and shot by photographer Alasdair McLellan. "Cara is a true Topshop girl. Her style is confident and playful and she can be sophisticated and chic as easily as she can be cool and casual," said Phelan. "Putting her spin on everything she makes the Topshop collection her own. Her uninhibited natural energy is intoxicating, she is free spirited and fun."

Last but certainly not least, I am obsessing over these party dresses, one looks super glamorous with it's sequins and scoop back - perfect for New Years Eve. The other, a little more classy, with the delicate diamante straps and simple cut - and new take for the LBD.

What do you think to Topshop's A/W campaign?
Would you wear any of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. She is so beautiful in every picture! Wish I was as photogenic haha. Great post x
    Please vote for me :) (Jenny Scott Russell)

  2. I have to say its the black fluffy boots and the parka that I'm eyeing up! I absolutely loved the campaign video, it was just so much fun which I think is what Cara is all about really so I guess that's why its stuck in my mind. I used to shop literally only at Topshop but for some reason their sizing went far too boxy for my figure so I'm hope hope hoping some of their stuff will suit me this Autumn! Great post :)

  3. So excited for Topshop A/W stuff, happy to see Cara modelling the range too she's super pretty. That jacket in the first picture looks perfect for winter xx

  4. I love Cara, she's my favorite model and this Topshop campaign is just fabulous! x