Sometimes, we just need to escape - and I definitely needed to this week. That is why I've been a little bit off the radar, just to clear my head and get back on track. Inspired by Zoella's post from last year, I thought that it is really important to take a time-out and to get away to de-stress every now and again, otherwise you just wouldn't function properly. I find that the most calming place on Earth, for me, is by the sea, and one of my favourite places is the sandy Yorkshire beaches in the North of England - more specifically - Cayton Bay. I've been coming to this little undiscovered-by-tourists area for years, and I love how it looks so beautiful and untouched....

 It's my 'secret' place which just gives off vibes of pure serenity. I find being at sea is always calming/relaxing, but Cayton Bay is on another level. Yes, it is a typical British seaside beach with the grey dull waters and rubbish weather - but that doesn't matter. It's home....

I then visited seaside town Scarborough, which is just a 15minute drive down the road. It's full of old childhood memories, with the arcades, sweets and fish n' chips! It always a treat to visit Scarborough when I was a kid, and it still brings me happiness coming here.

anyone remember these?!

 cute little sweet shops....

I even found one with my name on!

so beautiful....

 My strappy tan sandals are from River Island, which you can see here.

found this ready-made rock tower on the beach hehe!

My crochet/floral navy top is from Ark Clothing, (hearts&bows) label, which was around £16 roughly, it isn't currently available on the website, yet it was new into store so it should be updated soon.

My denim Jeans are the 'Lana' high-waist-ed ones from River Island, which you can see here.

My leather jacket is from Zara, however it is old old old season!

I made friends too haha!

Have you ever been to Scarbororough / Cayton Bay?
What's your favourite place?

As always, let me know!
Lots of love,

Hannah xoxo


  1. I never been to Scarborough or cayton bay before, but I go to uni in Portsmouth, and going to the beach there can be so relaxing when you need to de stress!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Wow, that place looks amazing!

  3. so beautiful! i love going to the beach it's my favorite place to, just to relax

  4. I need to make a note of this place! It isn't too far away from me either, thanks for the tip off! I love your top, it looks wonderful.

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog


  5. this gorgeous! I understand what you mean when you say it's untouched. It almost looks beautifully haunted. Very inspiring place and post.
    Much love, AnnCates xx

  6. Great photos and such cool place. I agree with you, sometimes we have to escape and disconnect for a while to stay sane haha