British fashion is always world-renown, unique and diverse - it is the one that I most look forward to out of all the main capitals during Fashion week. Every once in a while, someone new comes along and re-ignites that creative spark that people in the industry love. That spark takes it's form in fashion's latest heroine, that is Claire Barrow. I feel like Claire deserves a mention on my blog, as not only is her work extremely fascinating and successful, I also did one of my University modules on her work. She's best known for her trademark of painting on leather jackets and turning something old into something, well, new! Her grunge-meets-floral persona within the work is so different, and is probably why it's proven such a popular hit. She has even designed for the likes of Rihanna, which since then, has seen her work sky-rocketing...

 The fact that she uses illustration to convey her ideas before using them to turn it into a reality is truly astounding. After recently being announced NEWGEN's SS15 winner for an exhibition sponsorship, Claire will have her work in a dedicated showroom after her catwalk show. If you haven't already checked her out, you can do so here. Below, you can see a catwalk concept video that I did for my module, basing it around Barrow's use of paint on leather, florals and grunge.

What do you think to Claire Barrow's work?
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