Hi guys! I thought I would do something a little bit different and personal, compared to my usual dream-like wishlists and outfit of the days! So, I decided to do a wardrobe tour / how I store my clothes! Now, it's nothing too fancy or overly exciting such as a walk-in wardrobe with a secret compartment for all your sunglasses and jewellery like in the Princess Diaries (although, that would be awesome!) but it's just where everything goes that you see in all the pictures. From blazers to shirts, dresses to kimono's - I've got quite a collection slowly beginning to build up - and whilst I'm at home from Uni with a proper wardrobe - I thought it best to show you now, what it all normally should look like! I have also done a Youtube video on this, which you can see more clearly and goes into a bit more detail, which you can see here.

This is my bigger-sized wardrobe of the two separate compartments, and this is the one where I tend to keep all my dresses and coats hung up. Is it just me that has to have the same type of hanger?! I just can't deal with random hangers from different shops all tacky and plastic hanging in my wardrobe. I just use simple, minimalist hangers like these wooden ones from Ikea. I also try to keep everything colour-coordinated, as you can see, the dresses start off with an off-white/cream colour, before going into pink, reds, then darker colours. I feel this is easier on the eye, and you can just generally see everything better and it helps to decide what mood I'm in, or just simply what I feel like wearing that day. 

 The pink hanginig storage 'thing'?! is also from Ikea, I find it super handy and useful just to put all my underwear/socks/bikinis etc in there, which makes it easy just to grab and go. But not only that, it also frees up so much space, and money rather than investing in drawers, it's a cheaper alternative. Below, you can see my jeans - not a massive collection but you don't need loads and loads of denim just sat in your wardrobe. The majority of jeans that you can see there are from River Island, as I feel they have, by far, the best fit compared to other retailers.

 At the bottom of my wardrobe are my shoes - which look rather messy! I still need to figure out a storage option for my shoes, but for the time being they're sat there looking a bit squished! These are not all my shoes, the rest are stored away elsewhere, but these are the ones that I tend to be wearing the most now. They range from my trusty old classic Converse, my River Island strappy sandals, and New Look heels.

 Don't forget, you can see where everything is from and more in detail on my video!
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  1. I know this is completely unrelated but I love your wallpaper!!! It's sooo pretty! Also, love the first kimono you showed it's gorgeous!

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  2. Look amazing.very organised
    Wanna follow each other on gfc & bloglovin
    Let me know

  3. Wow, so organized and inspirational! This makes me want to organize my closet. :o)