Hi guys! First of all, well done to all of you that got your results and are off to Uni, wherever that may be! As you may or may not know, I will be going into my 2nd year in September, so I thought it would be only fitting to let you all know what you're letting yourselves in for at uni life. I know that most of you will be feeling worried, asking yourself loads of questions like Will I fit in? What if nobody likes me? But you've just got to remember that everybody is in the same boat as you, and all those worries WILL disappear. This, is my 'How to: Survive Freshers' guide, with the main tips that I would give to the newbies....

1. After having the awkward goodbye moment with your dad & wiping mum's tears, you're finally alone. The moment of realization that you're officially an independent university student. Without a doubt you will get home sick, for some people that's straight away, for others it's a good few months in, but for now - it's time to get yourself out there and meet new people! Once you've just moved your stuff in, LEAVE YOUR DOOR OPEN. This is by far the easiest and less awkward way of meeting your flatmates.

Here is my room, as you can see, I left my door open! (I didn't have a doorstop at the time haha!)

2. Get rid of that home sick feeling. I find that putting posters on the walls, pictures and notes from friends & family makes a massive difference (I will be doing a separate post on what to pack!) As you can see, I literally just decked my room out in fairy lights, posters and promo leaflets - made it look so much more cosy and welcoming!

3. The drinking. Yes, Uni can all be about reinventing yourself and being more confident than you were at sixth form/college. Yet everyone can change a bit too much when they're drunk - try not to be too excessive and rude or bring anyone back to to the flat from a night out! Otherwise, vicious rumours will undoubtedly start to circulate, and you don't want a reputation from freshers week before Uni has even properly started!

4. BUDGET. I can't stress this one enough. You will definitely underestimate how much money you will spend in the first few months at Uni, be it on nights out, the takeaways, weekly food shops if you're in uncatered accommodation, stationery supplies, transportation... you name it. It all adds up. Especially all those take-out dominoes!! Make sure you've got all your student loan sorted and a student bank account opened up! You never know when you might need an overdraft! 

5. Try and join societies, freshers is not all about going out and getting paralytic (well it is, but you know what I mean!) It's important to join societies that you enjoy to meet more people. Which admittedly, is something that I didn't do and myself and loads of other people in 2nd year regret doing. I will definitely be signing up for some, so should you! Don't make my mistake! Oh, and you WILL be bombarded with a load of freebies (otherwise known as absolute rubbish) at the freshers fair, here is what I got....

6. The inevitable Freshers Flu. Make sure you stock up on the essentials such as ibuprofen, paracetamol,  lempsip and vitamins. All will make a massive difference when you're living in a building full of germs and dirt from all the young undergrads. This was me feeling sorry for myself....

 7. In relation to number 6, try to eat healthy. After about 2 months of takeaways and indulging on pasta, although it was yummy, it wasn't great for the waistline. Scrambled eggs, the odd salad or having veg with that chicken will make a huge difference to your diet.

8. If you're moving to a city, there will be a 'met vs uni of' rivalry, with 'Battle of the unis' or 'Poly vs Posh' bar crawls and all sorts going on. I go to Northumbria University, and Newcastle University do turn their nose up at you on nights out - but it's all banter and just for a laugh at the end of the day.

9. EXPLORE. Wherever you're going to uni, make sure you get to grips with the place - know where your local supermarket is, the bank, post office - things like that. It's the little things that make it easier to settle in. There's loads of great shopping in Newcastle, so that was fab for me!

10. Also ties in a litte bit to my point about budgeting, save yourself some money! Great websites are Unidays, StudentBeans or grabbing yourself an NUS card. These trusty companies will save you loads, be it shopping or eating out. Also, if you need to travel home? Invest in a railcard. I got mine for free when I joined Santander for a student bank account, but they're totally worth getting. The amount of money it's saved me travelling up and down the country is crazy.

Have you been to Uni or are you a fresher?
Did you find this helpful?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo

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