One of the most irritating things about being a blonde, is up-keeping your roots. It's a massive pain. Even though I actually am a natural blonde, when I was in my early teens it started to go a darker/dirtier blonde colour - so I just kept highlighting it and highlighting it, until it gradually became blonder and blonder. If I don't have the money or time to go to the hairdressers, then I turn to the next best thing. The 'Bblonde Hightlighting Kit' by Jerome Russell. Now, I have actually been using this stuff for years, and I'm so impressed with it, so when they kindly offered to review a package for me just when my roots needed touching up, I thought, why not show you guys the results. Even my sister (she did my hair for me, thanks sis!) who is a hairdresser swears by this brand. Keep reading to see the results and my own hair history.....

Ok, so starting off with a few cringy child-hood photos haha! As you can see below, I had very white-blonde hair growing up, not forgetting the classic fringe! Even now at 19, I can't bare to be any other colour but blonde - it just wouldn't feel right - and even my own mum told me that I probably wouldn't suit it brown. Which is true!

Fast forward a few years on random Caravan holiday, my hair is still looking super blonde and healthy....

Then it hits. The dark blonde stage. This photo was taken when I was around 12/13, and ever since I decided to be blonder again. So, the journey to blonder hair begins!

Then, throughout the last couple of years of High School, my hair was this dreadful overly bleached blonde colour with dashes of ginger. Serious amounts of toner was needed to fix this!

Now to the present day! All I do now, is touch-up my roots, as I don't want to damage it as much.
This is where Bblonde Highlighting Kit comes in.

My older sister (as mentioned, she's a hairdresser) did all the work for me! But it's super easy to do a home dye kit such as these, you just add colour and conditioner together to create this....

Time to apply it! I did get sent one of those hats with holes in to do this with, however my sister prefers the simple foil and brush method, so that's what we did.

Just a quick look at how my hair looked before....

And after -Ta-dah! The amazing result. It's exactly what I wanted, it doesn't look to fake and overly bleached with a block colour - it's always best to use highlights when you want your blonde colour to look more natural. You can buy the Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit here, and it is available from most Boots and Superdrug stores.

I could probably do with a hair cut now, though!

What do you guys think?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. Your hair looks great :) I wish I could have a go at doing mine at home but it's such a dark brown naturally that I don't want to risk it not coming out light enough! Haha

    Louise /

  2. I always use this brand when I highlight my hair, so much cheaper than the hairdresser and just as effective! Beth xxx

  3. I think it looks great! It looks so natural.

  4. How long did you leave it on for please? It looks great!