Situated in the up-town district of inner London, is the Michael Van Clarke salon, tucked away on Beaumont street. My google maps app on my iphone came in handy, taking me from the bustling Oxford street through to the quiet clean ones of the Marylebone area. It immediately hit me how beautiful this salon was - the outside already looked inviting with the half-frosted windows and natural trees. A nice contrast against the towering buildings and surrounding offices. I was around 15 minutes early to my appointment, but it was thundering outside and I didn't have an umbrella. So, in I went to an exclusive and professional hairdressers, with my own hair looking pretty worse for wear...... 

I was immediately greeted and made to feel at ease, my jacket was taken and I was seated in front of the cleanest mirror you will ever see in your life. ever. It was the perfect selfie opportunity! After taking this quick snap, I met my stylist, Lina. She asked what my current hair regime was, the products I've tried and what she would recommend (more on that later!). As you may know from my previous hair-related post (see here) I bleach my roots, as I've been highlighting my hair for years and years. However, Lina suggested that I stop doing this and use tint at the hairdressers instead, as over time it has caused a lot of damage. The main problem with my hair is how dead and dry it is, so I hoped her magic fingers could make it look better!

There was plenty of good reading material.... ;)

I then had my hair washed and my head massaged - who doesn't love a good head massage at the hairdressers?! Definitely my favourite part other than the actual outcome! I literally nearly fell asleep (oops), oh, and they didn't have no ordinary chair-while-they-wash-your-hair, oh no, it was a massaging chair. Of course. Fancy!

Then she blasted my hair completely dry....

and started to cut! Lina was absolutely brilliant doing my hair, she was very attentive and took her time doing it, making sure I was completely happy with the way I wanted it to be. I didn't want the overall style of my hair to change too dramatically, but I knew I wanted it to be a lot healthier, so I just told her to cut off what she thought should be gone. So, Lina began to cut it dry, (hence the name Diamond Dry Cut) so it would fall naturally into place.

 as you can see, split ends galore!

The idea behind the Diamond Dry Cut is that by cutting hair while it’s dry allows the hairstylist to work within the hairs natural movement and texture. This technique of cutting hair is unique to Michael Van Clarke’s London salon.

After the cut....

sneak peak inside the salon....

My hair was then dampened and product was added for it to be blow-dried....

My hair was then styled and curled, and I was a little apprehensive at first because I don't usually like having my own hair curled without hair extensions in. I thought it might be ringlet-doll style. Thankfully, I was proved wrong.

The ringlets turned to beachy waves, or as Lina called it 'mermaid hair' - I loved it! My hair was bouncy and voluminous, but above all, it felt so much more healthier than it did a few hours earlier.

I was also kindly given 3 products from Michael's '3 inches' range, which consists of a Shampoo, Conditoner, and Pre-wash treatment. I shall be trying these out for a few weeks then letting you know what effect they have had on my hair! So, expect a separate post for that.....

I had my hair done by Stylist Lina, which was around £75 for the cut & finish. For Michael himself, it can cost anywhere up to £375 for a cut & finish. Either way, I definitely felt like Royalty at this salon, and it most definitely is the best hairdressers that I have ever experienced.

What do you think to the cut?
Have you ever experienced the Michael Van Clarke Salon?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. I've never had my hair cut while it's dry before, yours came out so well, I love it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. She did such a great job, I love the curls!

    Love From Bethan


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