I spotted this gorgeous red, plaid shirt the other day in H&M, and I instantly thought of Autumn/Winter, there's something about that pattern and the colours that just reminds me of colder days and the leaves turning brown. It's also a great item to use for layering, you could wear it with a black fur gilet, leather jacket or coat - the possibilities are endless. But, be careful not to use anything else with too much pattern going on, as it would then look quite distracting. Because there's so much going on with the shirt, I decided to keep the general look quite minimal and simple - hence the jeans and plain black, long-sleeved top.....

Messing about....

My black long-sleeved top is from Primark for just £3.50 - bargain!

I really like the straight cut style of it, along with the breast pockets and buttons, so you can have it open or buttoned up. I actually bought it in a larger size, just so I could have it over-sized and baggy, so I could potentially wear it with leggings as well as jeans. My jeans are the high-waisted ones from River Island, these are no longer available unfortunately.

My chunky lace-up platform boots are from H&M, see similar here and here.

What do you think to this outfit?
Would you wear any of it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. Love this look honey! Nothing better than a plaid shirt to layer! My favourite is the one I bought from Topshop earlier on this year that I wore to Leeds, it's so comfortable and literally goes with everything. xo

    Lucy-J Loves | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. I would definitely wear this, I love a checked shirt! Red always makes me think of this time of year too :)

    Louise /

  3. So so glad that plaid red is back this autumn. Its such a classic look, I just love it. And of course, you do look beautiful!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. YAAASS!! I love everything about your outfit! I really need to get a classic red plaid shirt (it's that time of year now) You look gorgeous hun x

    Shanna | Curves and Lashes

  5. I'll definitely be wearing an outfit like this once it becomes cooler. Anything with plaid is great! You look beautiful! :)