Bad hair, creased skirts and shameful boyish Gola bags. Oh, those were the school days. As embarrassing showing you what I looked like back in 2010 is, it is all educational, after all haha! The 'back to school' campaign is all about getting you guys to look more fashionable than I ever did. To be fair, my uniform wasn't nearly as bad as the neighboring schools with red fluorescent ties and maroon shapeless blazers (not pretty). Whereas, our School consisted of a simple navy attire, jumper with a white shirt underneath, and the choice of either navy trousers or pleated skirt for the girls. Of course, some opted for navy body-con skirts, which were for - the rebellious ones! - and were banned straight away. You can't really see much in these images, but my Mum would always try get me into the clumpy Clarks shoes, trying to reassure me how stable and functional they were. I remember that I would beg and beg for the pretty ballerina pumps from a 'proper high-street store'. Now, this is where New Look comes in to save your day.....

New Look genuinely have a great 'Back to School' range, with plenty of black and navy to suit loads of different school uniform types. If I was to rewind back 5+ years I would be dragging my mum to my local New Look to get kitted out in the collection. Not only do they look good, the price is equally amazing - which is always a bonus for your parents purses/wallets!

Teens Navy Bi Stretch Straight Leg Trousers

I remember my school trousers to be bootcut and unfitting - it wasn't flattering at all. These straight-leg trousers are the perfect alternative, and are great to try stay stylish even in the classroom. See them here for just £7.99.

Teens 2 Pack White Short Sleeve Shirts

White shirts, always a classic that is needed in your wardrobe and a staple for school. You can see them here for £9.99.

Teens Black Belted Skater Skirt

I love how this pleated skater skirt has a little cute belt to go with it, just the perfect statement to spruce up the dull school uniform. You can also wear it outside of school in plenty of other stylish ways, it's definitely something that's always good to have in your wardrobe. See it here for £12.99.

Black T-Bar Strap Pumps

T-Bar flats are a favourite of mine this A/W, and these pretty black ones from New Look are great for both in and outside of school. You can see them here £17.99.

Black Patent Jewel Front Ballet Pumps

Add a little spice to some plain black flats, these patent ones with jewel embellishment are perfect without looking too much or going against the standard, boring school uniform code! You can see these beauties here for £19.99.

Teens Navy Zip Back Tube Skirt

A twist on the pleated skirt if you can get away with it, this navy number is great if you would prefer something a little bit more fitted and trendy amongst your friends. You can see it here for £5.99.

What do you guys think to New Look's 'Back to School' range?
Did anyone have an embarrasing school uniform?!
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo



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  2. Love the pieces!