Hi guys! So, I thought I would try my hand at something a little bit different and new. Halloween's fast approaching, and I wanted to try a few different looks before deciding on a final theme. One of the makeup looks that I enjoyed doing the most, was the skeleton one - as it's super easy for anyone to do, and it's achievable through just using cosmetic makeup alone - no need to go spending £10+ on a face-painting kit for one night! By the way, I am in NO WAY a pro, this is amateur at it's best and was rather rushed - I'm not a great artist in any shape or form, but hopefully this could help someone in a last minute rush to look Halloween ready.....

1. The easiest step by far. Think of this scenario. You have decided last minute that you want to go out to a fancy dress party or out on the town, but you have no idea what to do, because you have no face paint or Halloween costume. No fear! All you need is some primer, lots of eye-shadow and black liquid eyeliner. So, if you have a girl housemate then you're in luck, because this look is unisex. Anyway, the first step is to literally smear white eye-shadow all over your face (silver/light grey will do if you don't have any white).

You can probably tell which one I used below, judging by how messy it is - oops! I used the white/off-silver colour in the Debra Milano Italy Makeup Box - highly recommend this, it has practically every eye-shadow colour imaginable to achieve any look.

2. Next, is the slightly messy part - drawing the mouth! Mine doesn't look neat at all, but I suppose that doesn't really matter as it's Halloween. I simply just used a plain black liquid eyeliner felt pen, mine was just £1 from MUA, although you can use whatever brand you like.

A fuller look at the makeup box....

3. Give yourself a black eye. Well, not literally. You know what I mean! Don't be afraid to expand the circle and go over your eyebrow, this gives off a much better effect. Again, I used the same makeup box for the black eye-shadow colour, and I will be using it throughout. 

4. Begin to add detail. I added two random curvy lines on the forehead to show creases, a few dashes under the eye area and lines where the cheekbones should be, using a mixture of light and dark grey eye-shadow colours. It's just exactly like contouring with bronzer, same movements, suck in the cheeks and just blend it out!

5. Add any last minute touch-ups, such as false eyelashes if you wished, further whiteness or more detailing as you wish. As I said, mine is very rushed and you can do yours much better than this!

The final look!

What do you guys think to this Skeleton Halloween Makeup look?
Maybe I should stick to Fashion?!
Would any of you use it?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. Really cool makeup look! I love Halloween makeup :D


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