Hi guys! Apologies for the lack of posting recently, Uni work has stepped it up a notch, so I've barely had the time to sit down with a nice hot chocolate and write a blog post. But, of course, I did find the time to pop into the local Primark! (oops) so I thought i'd share with you all what I picked up. I was feeling rather autumnal, and wanted little key pieces to use and wear to spruce up my everyday looks a little bit more. All of the items come together for just under £10, which i'm completely happy with, as I can use them most of the time....

First up, I picked up this gorgeous checked red autumnal scarf, you can never go wrong with that particular print at this time of year, and I've already worn it death. There are of course ones of much higher quality and thicker material in other high-street stores such as River Island and Topshop, but I find this one to be surprisingly quite warm and it feels just as nice - for £4, it's an absolute bargain.

Next is this glittery pink hip-flask - an essential for students like myself! I saw this as I was going to the till, and I just couldn't resist picking it up. For £3.00, it's a steal!

Last but not least, I always find myself wondering over to the jewellery section and seeing if there's anything I can spend my spare change on. This time, I picked up some plain, silver stacked rings for just £1 each. Perfect just to put on everyday and have something on your fingers.

What do you guys think to the items that I picked up?
Would you wear/use any of them?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,
Hannah xoxo


  1. That scarf looks like an AW must have! Fingers crossed they have it in Milton Keynes when I go next week!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  2. These pieces are such a great steal! I hear a lot about primark but their not sold in the U.S argh! Love the flask super cute and girly!!!