One of my main goals for my blog in 2015 is to do more beauty-based posts, as I want my blog to be more diverse rather than solely focused on fashion all of the time. So, here's my first one of the year - and it's dedicated to this gorgeous duo lip set from the Kiko Cosmetics, named 'Luscious Punk'. My sister got me this completely out of the blue for Christmas from a Sephora in Strasbourg, France. I've recently started to get so much more into lip liners this past year (blame Kylie Jenner), so this was perfect for me....

First of all, look at the packaging. It does look rather pretty with the red colour scheme fitting rather well and the lovely geometric patterns. However, the gold-looking textured 'cover'? doesn't have much use, as it's in a box anyway and this just covers it. Oh well, still looks nice though!

Open the box up and out pops the beauty. The packaging inside is rather simple and standard, it just merely holds the lipstick and liner in slots. But that's not that important anyway, what's important is the actual product!....

Ok, so first up is the lip liner. It sort of has a crayon-like texture, i'm not massively keen of the shape of it - I would prefer it to be more pointed and precise like an actual lip liner pencil - just so it would apply easier. However, it does have amazing long-lasting power, and no transfer, which i'm completely happy with. It has a deep red shade which matches well with the actual lipstick.

On to the 'Luscious Punk' Creamy lipstick. This has such a lovely deep red tone and consistency. It also has an interesting angle on the actual stick, making it surprisingly easy to apply. 

The packaging states "It has a shiny finish, and thanks to the African mango butter and orchid waterlily extract, which are key ingredients recognized for nourishing properties, the lipstick makes the lips soft and sensual." You can buy it here, currently on offer for £9.00 for the set. 

What do you think to the Luscious Punk set from Kiko?
Have you ever tried Kiko Cosmetics before?
As always, let me know!
Lots of love,